Exponential-e and the Public Sector

Supporting the public sector in improving citizen outcomes with a simple, open and innovative approach to digital transformation

Exponential-e’s innovation in delivering of Cloud, Security, Connectivity, Unified Communications and Contact Centre Services enables public sector organisations to meet their operational goals, serve citizens and employees whilst delivering best value.

By intelligently integrating Cloud technologies, Unified Communications, Contact Centre, applications and software defined digital platforms,
Exponential-e delivers critical infrastructure, tailored to the public sector’s key requirements of data security, scalability, resilience and a high-quality user experience
all delivered promptly, effectively and within budget.

data secuirty
Data Security
High quality user experience
User Experience

All these services are designed and implemented with the shifting dynamics of the public sector in mind, including economic impacts,
such as the move towards a distributed workforce and the need for a multi-channel approach to engaging with citizens, whether this means ensuring patients can
access the support and medication they need, helping students and pupils get the most out of their education, or ensuring local and central government institutions are well-equipped to adapt to any unexpected changes crises or changes in the landscape.

Our guiding principles

User experience

Faster access to the services end users require, with zero compromise in terms of data security, compliance and transparency.

Best value

Delivering the greatest possible ROI for every investment, providing a strong foundation for future growth and adaptation.

Transparency and flexibility
Our policies are designed with government standards, policies and assurance models in mind, for predictable cost models and contractual flexibility.
Rapid implementation
Our teams have conducted multiple large-scale implementations in time-sensitive scenarios for a wide range of public sector organisations and will always deliver a stress-free deployment.

Meeting your business objectives

With public sector organisations challenged to do more with their existing budgets than ever, and the recent pandemic highlighting the need for maximum scalability, Exponential-e’s solutions are designed to overcome these challenges. Our combination of technological innovation and deep expertise within the public sector delivers:

Cost control - Maximum return-on-investment, regardless of the available budget, with full control of costs as infrastructure evolves.
Scalability and agility - Adapt and grow to meet any challenge, with minimal service disruption.
A citizen-focused approach - Delivering first-class outcomes across all channels of communication.
Help staff deliver their best - Maintain a flexible, productive and enjoyable working environment.

Accredited for the
public Sector

Exponential-e has worked with many public sector clients including education, NHS, central and local government. We understand the complexities around procuring ICT services, and ensure we provide commercial and financial flexibility to meet the needs of our clients.

Exponential-e are accredited under the following government approved agreements:

Approved supplier on the G-Cloud 11 framework, with 37 services listed, throughout all 3 lots: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support.
Crown Commercial Service Supplier - as a trusted technology partner for the Public Sector, Exponential-e has been awarded multiple lots including data access, telephony services, inbound telephony and audio conferencing.
HMG Cyber Essentials certified.

In addition, we hold more ISO accreditations in the UK than any other provider.

We are committed to delivering service excellence and this is reflected by our industry leading net promoter score of over 60. Our UK based support centres provide exceptional service 24 x 7, and all of our Data Centres are based here in the UK.

Food Standards Agency: Cross-supplier collaboration drives enterprise-grade connectivity across the UK.

Our Technology Partners

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If you are looking for technical support, please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001


Talk to one of our specialists

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are looking for technical support please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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