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Delivering peace
of mind as-a-Service

The world’s first real-time NPS
part of our longstanding customer
service promise.

Rolling 3 month average. Industry average: 17

Our commitment
to delivering excellence

We have developed a revolutionary system to provide more responsive and proactive customer service.

Through our own customer service platform, our customers are able to give us feedback quickly and easily, with a click of a button. Our Customer Support teams are immediately notified of feedback so they can respond instantly, in order to quickly closing the loop on any feedback that is less than excellent.

Satisfaction ratings can be analysed at a company, department or employee level, providing unparalleled insight into where remedial action, additional training or support is required, or when exceptional service should be rewarded.

Having access to this level of granularity and timeliness of our NPS data gives us real-time insight into our customers’ experience and satisfaction.

About Net Promoter® Score

Net Promoter® Score, or NPS® is a loyalty and satisfaction metric, developed by Fred Reichheld in 2003 and publicised in a Harvard Business Review article:
'The One Number You Need to Grow'. It has fast become the measure for businesses to benchmark advocacy. We’ve taken NPS one step further by developing our Customer 360 solution - based on real-time interactions.

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Delivering service excellence

At Exponential-e, we are committed to service excellence and are empowering our people to deliver it. Any time a customer tells us we could do better, we make contact within 30 minutes to put things right. Many of our customers have been with us for over a decade and tell us our friendly and attentive customer service is one of the main reasons for staying with us.

This video gives you a virtual tour of the heart of our customer service operations.

Read our customer charter.

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