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Resilient WAN with fast connectivity, hosted voice and VPN access; providing faster communication and collaboration between sites. 

About Abercorn School 

Established in 1987, Abercorn School aims to offer its pupils the best start in education by providing a friendly and inspiring academic atmosphere where a true love of learning is nurtured.

The school has gained an enviable record of excellence and achievement for boys and girls from 2½ to 13 years of age. They guide both pupils and parents through the education process to ensure their pupils attain the highest standards and meet their potential.

Abercorn are firm believers in traditional values and standards. However, they are committed to embracing the best of what the 21st century will offer to aid in preparing pupils to face the challenges of the modern world with confidence and competence.


Implementing connectivity into the new premises for Abercorn School was a priority, and a September 2015 deadline had Exponential-e working fast. From beginning to end, implementation and testing of a super-fast, low latency Internet line was installed in to the new building in just 6 weeks. This allowed the school to ensure they were up and running in time for the arrival of pupils for the new school year.

A key requirement was for the Internet to be robust and reliable, ensuring that lessons were productive for pupils and that staff were able to access resources as and when they needed to.

The next solution that Exponential-e worked to implement was a refreshed telephony system that would allow Abercorn to reduce costs and increase call quality. A Hosted Voice solution offered Abercorn "fantastic call quality" and was "very easy to use" - that alongside the cost savings it delivered meant that Abercorn implemented this solution in to their second site too.

With communication between the two sites ever increasing, it made sense for Abercorn to look in to a Smart WAN, which provides connectivity between the two sites as if they were using a single LAN. This enables faster communication and file transfer between sites, as well as allowing staff to better communicate with each other.

With space at a premium within the schools, VDCs looked like an ideal method for the school to store data and infrastructure without having to find the space for physical servers within their building. With this sitting within the Cloud, managed by Exponential-e, Abercorn could also be reassured that their servers were being proactively monitored by our 24 / 7 x 365 service desk to ensure resilient uptime.

Another benefit of the VDC solution was the fact that the school could better manage its IT budget, with the requirement to only pay for what they required - and with scalability being incredibly easy they could increase or decrease server space when necessary.

Built on trust the relationship between Exponential-e and Abercorn School has grown and grown and they continue to look to other solutions which weren't part of their initial request for services. Exponential-e was able to reassure Abercorn that the service would work by allowing them to test Internet and telephony services prior to the services officially going live. This provided the school with the confidence they needed to embark upon the relationship and implement its services.


When Abercorn originally approached Exponential-e their school in new premises was not yet open and they had poor connectivity within their existing building. This was therefore a priority for Abercorn, and Exponential-e were selected to provide the service.

Abercorn also had a second site which they needed to communicate with frequently. They were keen to implement increased connectivity between these sites. At the time they were using an existing phone line and spending around £500 a month on calling their other sites. This was a challenge that was resolved by a Hosted Voice solution, which Exponential-e further provided to Abercorn to enable increase communication and collaboration - whilst enabling cost savings.

Solution benefits

  • Internet Connectivity - enabled school to open on time and provide both pupils and staff with a reliable, fast Internet connection.
  • Hosted voice solution - means that the school are saving around £500 a month on calls between sites, with the quality of the calls also being greatly improved.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) - between sites enables more resilient connectivity, as well as allowing users faster communication with those at other locations.
  • VPN Access - allowing staff to work remotely enabled access to documents and data.

We recognize that educational organisations need to demonstrate the highest possible standards in technology, as well as focusing on cost efficiencies to deliver ROI. Read our education booklet to discover our solutions to specific eduactional IT challenges.

Exponential-e was recommended to me when I was searching for Internet services. They have been able to provide us with everything we need and the services they provide work so well.

Steven Brackley IT Manager, Abercorn School

Exponential-e & Education

Exponential-e has been a trusted, longstanding partner for numerous institutes of primary, secondary and higher education, delivering innovative solutions that enable dynamic, multi-channel learning, with zero compromise in terms of security or cost control.

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