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We outpace the threats. You outpace the competition.

In today’s digitally connected world, your security program should be enabling your organisation as well as protecting it. At Exponential-e, we partner with you to detect faster, respond smarter, and predict and prevent more threats altogether, giving you the peace of mind you need to grow and innovate with confidence.

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Challenges to your Cyber Security posture

To protect your customers, people, digital assets and brand in a world where cyber-attacks and regulatory requirements are both on the rise, your business needs to adopt a strong, vigilant Cyber Security posture.


Combat advanced cyber threats - Cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication, volume and variety. Attack vectors are multiplying and changing on an almost daily basis, demanding a multi-layered and holistic approach to Cyber Security.


Safeguard sensitive data and avoid financial penalties - Penalties for failing to comply with regulations are severe, and the cost and complexity of compliance rise every day. You might need to call in impartial consulting, testing and auditing.


Fill your Cyber Security expertise gap - Keeping up with and enforcing Cyber Security requires the undivided attention of highly trained personnel. But what if you lack such personnel? You should consider outsourcing.

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Our Cyber Security solutions

Use a single trusted provider for your cyber security services.

Cyber Security Advisory

Gain an understanding of how to manage your digital health and security posture.

Managed Security

Get protection for your digital assets so that you can focus on your core business.

Endpoint Protection or Security

Support remote working by securing devices within and outside of your corporate environment.

Identity and Access Management

Enable secure access to online resources and protect your staff and customers digital interactions.

Cloud Security

Encrypt everything at rest or in motion, ensuring a zero trust policy that gives you ultimate protection.

Monitoring and managing your security

Monitoring, management and testing are vital to maintaining a robust Cyber Security posture. Many businesses, however, haven’t got the time, resources or expertise to invest in monitoring.

Let us worry about your digital health. With 24/7x365 monitoring and managing of your organisation’s security, you can rest assured that your core data assets are protected at all times.

Advanced Monitoring and Management

Ensure the security of your entire organisation is constantly monitored and managed with our Cyber Security Operations Centre and Security Incident and Event Manager services.

Our Technology Partners

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Accreditations and Frameworks


Environmental Management
Certificate number: EMS 648194

Environmental Management
Certificate number: EMS 648194

Cloud Security
Certificate number: STAR 6073412

Quality Management
Certificate number: FS 545046

Information Security Management
Certificate number: IS 545047

Service Management
Certificate number: ITMS 562540

Business Continuity Management
Certificate number: BCMS 6073420


2017 Data protection
Certificate number: PIMS 686040

Cyber Essentials Plus

Crest - Assurance in Information Security

CESG (Communications-Electronics Security Group)


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If you are looking for technical support please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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