Exponential-e and Schools

Secure IT solutions to provide a safe, effective learning environment for primary and secondary schools and academies

Exponential-e’s comprehensive range of IT solutions across Network, Cloud, Unified Communications and Security provides teachers and staff with the tools they need to maintain a secure, well-supported learning environment, where technology enhances pupils’ learning experience throughout their school years.

With IT now a key part of young people’s lives, it’s important that their primary and secondary education incorporates a digital environment that fosters learning and engagement for all pupils, while equipping teachers and staff with the tools they need to need to maintain this. for enabling learning.

To make this a reality for schools and academies of any size, we offer Cloud and Security as well as full Digital Transformations and Managed Services. Combined with dedicated storage and backup, we transform schools’ IT infrastructures, whether that’s to ensure all security and compliance requirements are met, streamline processes, reduce costs, or to open new channels for enabling learning.

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By intelligently integrating Cloud technologies, Unified Communications, Contact Centre, applications and software defined digital platforms, Exponential-e delivers critical infrastructure that offers data security, scalability, resilience and a high-quality user experience - all achieved promptly, effectively and within budget.

Our solutions are supported by a robust security eco-system, with managed security services, advanced monitoring and alerting and access control supported by expert consultancy and rigorous testing. This ensures parents, teachers and staff can rest assured pupils will always be safe online and that their sensitive data will be fully protected, in line with all applicable data protection regulations.

Meeting your business objectives

Our solutions allow teachers and staff to adopt a new approach to IT, where the focus shifts from hardware and associated costs to pupil outcomes and future scalability. Whatever combination of solutions is deployed, primary schools, secondary schools and academies will always be able to offer:

Scalability - With the drive to transform all schools into Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), economies of scale are a key concern for many schools. Our solutions are designed for effortless scalability, allowing resources to be deployed and removed as needed, while retaining full cost control.
Security - Exponential-e’s network of data centres around the UK powers every one of our solutions, allowing us to offer the highest standard of data security to all customers and end users, ensuring pupils’ personal data remains protected. Our eight ISOs reflect our longstanding commitment to data security.
Safety - Our solutions are designed to provide maximum control over their pupils’ virtual learning environments, ensuring security policies are automatically applied and any unsuitable content automatically filtered. This is supported by our network of longstanding technology partners, including Lightspeed and Smoothwall. The result: complete peace of mind for staff, teachers and parents.

Why Exponential-e

Exponential-e is a trusted partner for a number of primary and secondary schools around the UK, along with academies, Multi-Academy Trusts
and other educational institutions, including Ofsted. Our experts utilise their extensive experience to deliver solutions tailored to all institutions’ short- and long-term goals
for both their infrastructure and their pupils. We deliver:

Effortless deployments

Our years of experience working across the Education sector mean we can guarantee a stress-free deployment, with zero disruption to pupils’ education.

Hands-on support

Our support teams are on hand to ensure any issues can be swiftly resolved, before they lead to any security issues or disruption to lessons.

A world-class network

Our solutions are underpinned by our own high-performance network of data centres, for maximum reliability.

Exponential-e & Education

Exponential-e has been a trusted, longstanding partner for numerous institutes of primary, secondary and higher education, delivering innovative solutions that enable dynamic, multi-channel learning, with zero compromise in terms of security or cost control.

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