Exponential-e and Higher / Further Education

Placing innovative technology at the heart of the student experience

Exponential-e offers IT, Cloud and Communications services that transform the role of technology in higher education, helping to maximise the ROI from IT budgets, streamline administrators’ daily work, and enable lecturers and students to learn and collaborate across a range of channels.

By intelligently integrating Cloud technologies, Unified Communications, Contact Centre, applications and software defined digital platforms, Exponential-e delivers critical infrastructure to institutes of higher education that combines data security, scalability, resilience and a high-quality user experience - all delivered promptly, effectively and within budget, with an emphasis on student engagement and welfare.

data secuirty
Data Security
High quality user experience
User Experience

We work closely with colleges and universities throughout the UK, helping develop their infrastructure to optimise security, scalability and performance, with a strong emphasis on cost control. With this backbone in place, IT becomes a key enabler for freeing administrators and lecturers to focus on student outcomes across higher education.

To this end, we have been instrumental in many institutions’ moves towards multi-channel engagement and learning. Our range of innovative Unified Communications and Remote Access solutions have enabled students and their lecturers to have increased accessibility and engage with each other wherever they are based, using their own devices. This provides, colleges and universities with an approach where they are now able to offer the same high standard of education their students expect, combined with the flexibility of online courses.

Meeting your business objectives

Institutes of higher education are challenged to do more with their IT budgets than ever before, which places a considerable burden on their internal teams. Partnering with Exponential-e helps mitigate these challenges, resulting in:

An enhanced student experience - With colleges and universities increasingly expected to offer the highest standard of multi-channel collaboration and communication, we ensure this offers the greatest possible benefit to staff and students alike.
Scalability and agility With economies of scale an increasingly pressing concern, our experts will ensure your infrastructure can cost-effectively scale up or down as needed, whether that is in response to an unexpected crisis or an anticipated busy period (clearing, for example).
Maximising the ROI With transparent pricing, contractual flexibility and best value, our solutions help IT budgets go further, ensuring higher education institutions stay profitable, without compromising the student experience.
Security and compliance With our robust security ecosystem, student data is kept fully secure at all times, while our eight ISOs reflect our ongoing commitment to full compliance with all government regulations, relieving internal IT teams of many of these challenges.
Consolidation of systems From Cloud migration to the management of legacy systems, we will streamline your infrastructure, delivering tangible cost savings with zero compromise in terms of performance or security.

Why Exponential-e

Exponential-e is deeply invested in higher education sector and already acts as a trusted technology partner for organisations such as Middlesex University and Ofsted. We channel this experience into all our customer relationships - from the initial point of contact to the entire lifecycle of the partnership - delivering:

Best value

We emphasise transparent pricing, contractual flexibility and exceptional value for money, freeing institutes of higher learning to adopt an outcome-focused approach to technology.

Cutting-edge technology

We have led the way in UK-based Cloud, Unified Communications, Call Centre and Connectivity solutions since 2002, and continue to innovate in response to our customers’ evolving needs.

A high-performance network

Our solutions are powered by our own high capacity network of data centres, for high performance, robust security and interconnectivity with on-premise infrastructure.

Stress-free deployments

Whatever combination of solutions you require, they will be deployed on time, to budget and with zero disruption to daily operations or security compromises.

Hands-on support

Our experts support team will be on hand 24 / 7 x 365, responding to any concerns and pre-empting any potential problems to avoid any disruption to the student experience.

Exponential-e & Education

Exponential-e has been a trusted, longstanding partner for numerous institutes of primary, secondary and higher education, delivering innovative solutions that enable dynamic, multi-channel learning, with zero compromise in terms of security or cost control.

Find out more in our Education Brochure.

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