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Developing a new breed of security to suit the new ways in which we consume content
Tom Richardson
The way in which we consume content has changed forever. Physical media and prescheduled TV and radio have rapidly given way to the convenience, accessibility, and range offered by streaming services. Independent content creators share the digital stage with the most well-established industry leaders, and numerous organisations have embraced the mantra that 'content is king', utilising online video as a key tool for building engagement with their prospects and customers.
HMPPS’ Telemedicine programme and the power of technology as a force for social change
The public sector's relationship with technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, as familiar legacy systems are increasingly phased out in favour of leading-edge digital infrastructure that offers levels of scalability, sustainability, and operational resilience that would previously have been dismissed as impossible.
Management Information in the Contact Centre
Jon Loftin
How Actionable Data Drives Sales, Improves Employee Satisfaction, and Enhances the Customer Experience One of the key components we discuss with organisations when defining their contact centre needs is their data: the data the organisation requires, the data the solution can report on, and the tools available to interpret this data.
Poor Customer Service in the Contact Centre… It’s Nothing Personal!
Alan Pougher
We've probably all encountered what we consider to be poor customer service through a contact centre, whether it's calling your utilities provider, banking, mortgages, or just everyday online shopping.There have been many excuses for poor service through the pandemic due to ill-prepared home working solutions. Those should be behind us now, although that's likely the topic of a further blog, as many companies are still leaning on this excuse!
Understanding the Five Time Thieves and Retaking Control of Your Most Precious Resource
Alistair Doran
We're all trying to do more with less, whether that's making our monthly shop go further and reducing our utilities consumption at home or doing more with our organisations' available budgets and resources in our professional lives. But while getting the most out of the resources we have available is certainly admirable and sensible, our most precious resource – one that we cannot replenish once it's been used – is all-too-frequently neglected: our time.
CCaaS and CRM: The Devil’s in the Detail
Adam East
The CX technology market continues to evolve, innovate, and expand in all directions. The CRM and CCaaS vendors are locked in battle for customer wallet share and have started to step on each other's toes, particularly in areas like AI (Artificial Intelligence), automation, and analytics. The CRM vendors have established base camp in territory which has traditionally been the stable of the CCaaS vendors and, at the same time, we are seeing CCaaS vendors introduce new capability that encroaches on the CRM space. However, it is still the case, at least for now, that no single solution can meet all the needs of a mature customer service or CX operation. Add to that the fact that customer expectations are more demanding than ever and that creates a challenge for contact centre leaders.
Tomorrow’s shopping experience isn’t just coming… It might already be here
jon bridges
When you think of a truly world-class shopping experience, what are the key elements that immediately spring to mind? For most of us, it's the personal touches… We're greeted by name by a familiar shopping assistant, who's already familiar with our preferences and purchasing habit. They'll guide us through the entire experience, offering advice and special offers throughout. Regardless of the actual quality of the product or service, it's these touches that will establish it as high-end in the minds of shoppers and encourage them to cultivate relationships with specific brands. It's a model that the world's most renowned retailers have cultivated for years.
The true meaning of digital transformation (it’s more than just reorganisation and technology)
Alistair Doran
After several years of serious global upheaval, it is clear that resilience, agility, and the ability to adapt to the unexpected are critical priorities for all organisations – regardless of size or sector. However, this accelerated pace of change has, in many cases, revealed the limitations of existing IT services. With an increasing emphasis on on-demand services and a highly fluid workforce, legacy services and their systems often struggle to support new propositions and customers' evolving needs, which will – in turn – make maintaining a competitive advantage difficult, if not near impossible.
What is a ‘critical third party’, and why must the Finance sector’s technology providers be ready to earn this designation?
Neil Regan
As a long-standing technology partner for multiple financial organisations across the UK, the team at Exponential-e have been observing the sector's evolving relationship with technology for some time - both the growing demand for a higher standard of operational resilience, and an increasing awareness of the challenges and opportunities that Cloud transformation presents.
AEC sector is demonstrating resilience
In a period of global upheaval, the AEC sector is demonstrating its resilience
The turbulence of the current geopolitical situation has affected numerous sectors, who must not only consider how to protect their infrastructure from anticipated cyber-attacks, but also ensure that they are able to maintain business-as-usual as possible against a backdrop of global disruption to supply chains. As a sector that depends on the ready availability of materials, the UK's AEC sector has been particularly affected.
A new model for technology partnerships in the Hospitality & Leisure sector
The Hospitality & Leisure sector is inherently people-focused, with the personal touch making all the difference to guests' experiences. But, as we have already discussed on this blog, the multiple lockdowns in response to COVID-19 have forced to the entire sector to adopt new ways of engaging with guests, utilising next-gen smart technology to deliver truly bespoke experiences and streamlined access to a wide range of services.
From routine surveillance to transformational service quality: Why retailers are embracing the next generation of integrated CCTV
For many years, retailers' CCTV systems and IT infrastructure have operated in relative isolation, competing for space and resources whilst never utilising the full potential of their combined power. The good news is that next-generation IT infrastructure is increasingly bridging this gap, in order to reduce costs, simplify infrastructure, and allow retailers to access a range of actionable data streams through AI and analytics.