The true cost of a poor customer experience, and what it means for your contact centre

Over the course of the past year, the contact centre has been changed forever, with social distancing requirements meaning that familiar methods of face-to-face contact are now unavailable. In light of these shifts, social media, video and email contact are now regularly utilised as the primary channels for customer queries - a trend that we have seen on the rise for some years now. Between March and November 2020, we saw a significant update in the use of online channels, with 54% of organisations reporting an increase in email contact, 52% reporting an increase in social media, and 65% reporting an increase in the use of web chat.

Why single-service partnerships are evolving, as we prepare for the post-COVID world

Over the years, many organisations have developed their partner networks by engaging with multiple suppliers for specific services, utilising flexible transactional relationships to access services on an as-needed basis. The immediate advantages here are clear: organisations can broaden their capabilities and enhance their infrastructure while minimising the resulting burden on internal teams, allowing them to focus their expertise on business growth activities.

One year on… What the COVID-19 has meant for our partner ecosystem

To say the past year has been a challenging one would be an understatement. COVID-19 has forced organisations to adapt to remote working and reconsider the way we connect and collaborate with colleagues and deliver services to our customers and end users. With sales dropping 30% in Q2 of 2020[1], the picture certainly seemed bleak, but looking back on the past years' challenges and innovations, what lessons can be learned, and what new opportunities are waiting for us as we consider the eventual return to the office? Let's consider the year as a whole and find out…
As a wholesale provider, your choice of technology partners is critical to the successful delivery of your services. However, with a digital landscape that's constantly changing, and providers expected to deliver consistent performance across all regions, robust cyber security that utilises the latest threat intelligence, and compliance with a range of increasingly demanding regulations, developing a strong partner ecosystem is more challenging than ever before. Nonetheless, the potential rewards are great.
The addition of Vysiion to the Exponential-e Group has ushered in a new era of innovation for both companies. Combining our collective expertise with multiple technologies, across multiple sectors, allows us to deliver a more comprehensive service wrap, putting a range of cutting-edge solutions at the fingertips of our channel partners which they, in turn, can offer to their customers and end users. For example, consider Vysiion's smart technology capabilities…
The finance sector is required to have one of the most sophisticated cyber security postures in the world, with bureaus, banks, finance companies and insurers working closely with their technology partners to ensure sensitive financial data is managed, stored and transferred, with a stringent range of international security standards that must be adhered to at all times. However, cyber criminals have demonstrated repeatedly that they are constantly working to breach even the most sophisticated security ecosystems, devising new ways to exploit both technological vulnerabilities and human error.
Microsoft Teams has been in the ascension for some time now, rising exponentially in popularity throughout 2020, to the point it is now the default internal communications tool for many organisations, with the distributed workforce utilising it to effectively collaborate with colleagues on a day-to-day basis.
Throughout the past year, organisations across all sectors have been forced to adapt to lockdown requirements, with omnichannel communications replacing many familiar methods of face-to-face contact. In light of this shift, the familiar service desk's role has broadened, acting as many customers' and end users' primary means of contact with their service providers.
Now more than ever, effective collaboration and communication are the keys to success. Throughout 2020, we saw a widespread shift in how we interact with each other, both in and out of work, and how we stay connected to our colleagues and customers. Just consider the following:
With the flexible office model slowly but surely supplanting the traditional working environments in favour of dynamic co-working spaces for a number of years now, we have seen many organisations reconsider the way they think about commercial real estate.
The media sector is amongst the most dynamic and rapidly evolving in the UK, with audiences consuming higher volumes of content than ever before, across a tremendous range of platforms. This means its IT infrastructure must reflect that, ensuring dat...
The past year has challenged the UK's education sector in ways that would previously have been inconceivable, with children learning from home the majority of the time since March.
The way the hospitality & leisure industry interacts with guests is constantly evolving, with cutting-edge technology offering new channels for everything from making bookings, to checking in, ordering additional services and entertainment, and b...
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