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UK Government ponders major changes to ransomware response – what you need to know
Graham Cluley
What's happened? Recorded Future has reports that the British Government is proposing sweeping change in its approach to ransomware attacks.
The new breed of seamless, secure cashflow emerges: Ensuring your organisation is prepared for the payments revolution
Tristin Titinchi
We make payments, large and small, every day of our lives. From paying our bills and making payments to friends online, to the large-scale bank transfers that help business flow. Money changes hands through a wider range of channels and platforms than ever before, to the extent the days of cash-in-hand being the default payment model are a fading memory for many of us. The convenience and flexibility can't be disputed, but as with any emerging technology, the new flows of data must be given careful consideration, ensuring businesses and customers alike can rest assured that their money will remain secure throughout every stage of every transaction.
Black Basta ransomware group's techniques evolve, as FBI issues new warning in wake of hospital attack
Graham Cluley
Security agencies in the United States have issued a new warning about the Black Basta ransomware group, in the wake of a high-profile attack against the healthcare giant Ascension.
$10 million reward offer for apprehension of unmasked LockBit ransomware leader
Graham Cluley
Do you know Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev?If you do, there's a chance that you might well on the way to receiving a reward of up to $10 million.Law enforcement agencies across the US, UK, and Australia have named Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev as the mastermind behind the notorious LockBit ransomware group, estimated to have extorted $500 million from companies worldwide.
Offering clients the ultimate peace of mind – a new approach to security and remediation for legal firms
Rhodri Stone
Although the sector as a whole has traditionally been comparatively wary of the ever-increasing pace of technology, legal services are increasingly data driven, with an abundance of AI-related discussion emerging within legal technology circles. The core Document Management Systems (DMS) and Practice Management Systems (PMS) remain the centre of focus for how and where to deploy a variety of rapidly maturing SaaS platforms, or dedicated, highly customised suites.
3.5 million Omni Hotel guest details held to ransom by Daixin Team
Graham Cluley
The international hotel chain Omni Hotels & Resorts has confirmed that a cyberattack last month saw it shut down its systems, with hackers stealing personal information about its customers.In the aftermath of the attack, hotel guests reported that they had been forced to check in on paper, that room keys didn't work, and all phone systems and Wi-Fi were offline.
What makes a ransomware attack eight times as costly? Compromised backups
Graham Cluley
Disaster Recovery
Any organisation that has tried to recover from a ransomware attack knows that it can be time-consuming and costly. Companies hit by an attack must choose between paying a ransom or recovering encrypted data from a backup.Unfortunately, ransomware gangs are too aware that they can leverage significantly higher ransoms from their corporate victims if they have also compromise the company's backups. For this reason, we are seeing more and more cyber attacks targeting backups because they know that organisations desperately need them to recover if they want to avoid paying a ransom to cybercriminals.
Ransomware: lessons all companies can learn from the British Library attack
Graham Cluley
Disaster Recovery
In October 2023, the British Library suffered "one of the worst cyber incidents in British history," as described by Ciaran Martin, ex-CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The notorious Rhysida ransomware gang broke into one of the world's greatest research libraries, encrypting or destroying much of its data, and exfiltrating 600 GB of files, including personal information of British Library staff and users.
The Key to Establishing Ironclad Remediation and Disaster Recovery Processes
Michael Dormand
Cyber Security
To Test or Not to Test? - When it comes to IT disaster recovery and remediation processes, regular testing is not a 'nice to have' - it's absolutely essential!This isn't hyperbole on my part. You just have to look at the news on any given day. We've all heard the horror stories of organisations in both the public and private sectors experiencing prolonged downtime during disasters due to inadequate preparation, lack of testing, and the unsuitability of their legacy remediation processes and systems.
What does the ICO’s new fining guidance mean for your organisation?
On the 18th March 2024, the Information Commissioner's Office issued its updated guidance around the issuing of fines when organisations have been found liable for the integrity of their customers' or end users' data being compromised. It is already well-established now that failure to ensure critical data remains secure will result in costly fines, as we have seen repeatedly in multiple high-profile cases over the years.
The case for digital transformation as the foundation of exceptional customer service
Roberto Castro
The retail landscape has fundamentally changed in recent years, partly driven by the necessities of COVID lockdowns, and partly by ongoing shifts in customer preferences and behaviour. As we have previously explored on this blog, the familiar high street shopping experience is increasingly converging with online and click-and-collect shopping, offering a new breed of data-driven shopping experience.
Intelligent automation, effortless manufacturing
Jason Harrison
Effective manufacturing workflows are all about doing things more efficiently - from the simplest tasks to the most complex. While this is an ostensibly simple concept, the increasingly interconnected, global nature of modern manufacturing workflows hides a number of challenges, with even the briefest period of downtime potentially costing tho...