Exponential-e and Government

Tailored solutions that deliver tangible impacts for both central and local government

Exponential-e provides local and central government institutions with flexible, citizen-focused solutions that enhance project outcomes, provide long-term scalability and implement Cloud- and internet-first models, with full cost control, robust security and hands-on support from technical experts.

By intelligently integrating Cloud technologies, Unified Communications, Contact Centre, applications and software defined digital platforms, Exponential-e delivers critical infrastructure that offers the resilience, flexibility and security that government organisations - from local councils to central government agencies - require, quickly delivering positive impacts on communities and driving long-term transformation while retaining cost control.


This includes optimising the security of sensitive data (both at rest and in transit), migrating cumbersome legacy systems, and the establishment of multi-channel communication between internal departments and for citizens accessing government services. Taking a consultative approach, we act as the trusted partner throughout every stage of the digital transformation process - from establishing the right combination of solutions, to minimising disruption to daily operations and ensuring future scalability and sustainability.

In this way, we are transforming the view of IT’s role in government, moving from a solution-focused approach to an objective-focused one - with the citizen experience at the centre of everything.

Exponential-e is also a socially responsible company, with nine ISOs in place, allowing for the implementation of robust service level agreements that reflect the same standards government institutions offer citizens and provide a strong foundation for creating greener and healthier communities.

Meeting your business objectives

The role of IT and communications within central and local government has shifted considerably in recent years, which makes the choice of IT partner more important than ever. Exponential-e not only offers a range of solutions to suit government organisations’ short- and long-term needs, but the flexibility and expertise needed to ensure they are tailored to the unique needs of individual institutions, including:

Best value - We offer transparent pricing, contractual flexibility and exceptional value for all types of government organisation.
Speed and scalability - Our solutions offer the flexibility needed to adapt to evolving social and demographic requirements, in both the short and long term.
Citizen experience - The power of Exponential-e’s network ensures an excellent experience for all citizens engaging with government services across all channels.
Compliance and security - Our network of data centres and the solutions they host are all designed with the most stringent security and compliance demands in mind.
Staff engagement - Our experts guarantee swift deployments, effortless migration from legacy systems and ongoing support, to help staff deliver their best.

Why Exponential-e

Since its inception, Exponential-e has provided connectivity, IT, security and digital transformation services for a wide range of central and local government organisations.
Our self-maintained network provides a strong foundation for enhancing the efficiency of government organisations and providing a better experience for citizens.
Our approach is built on:

A forward-thinking mindset,
with the evolving design of public services and the infrastructure needed to support this treated as a key priority.

A focus on business outcomes for every project, incorporating cost control, scalability and ongoing support, with hands-on support from Exponential-e’s experts.

Use of open standards and commissioning, guaranteeing all solutions can be smoothly interconnected and will receive full support throughout their entire lifecycles.

An emphasis on cultivating long-term partnerships and close collaboration, ensuring infrastructure can be scaled as needed, and new solutions can be commissioned and deployed efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Talk to one of our specialists

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are looking for technical support please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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