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Housing Associations

Technology at the heart of the tenant experience

Leading-edge technology solutions for housing associations that drive digital initiatives and collaboration with tenants and service providers - underpinned by robust security of data and services

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The role of housing technology services in a digital world

To succeed in a digital world, housing associations need to rapidly transform by adopting modern technologies, redesign operational processes and increase collaboration. By investing in a digital future, housing associations can streamline costs, improve operational efficiency and concentrate on creating an improved tenant experience.

Digital Initiatives
  • Cloud solutions to manage increased compute power needs.
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud services - managed / non-managed.
  • Access to mission-critical applications on any device, anytime and anywhere.
  • Business continuity & Disaster Recovery - supported by 24 / 7 x 365 desk support.
Collaboration & Communication
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Exponential-e works
with housing associations to:

Increase availability and accessibility of services.
Process payments faster and securely.
Better manage tenant records and safeguard for compliance.
Increase transparency with IT infrastructure visibility and control.
Improve communications between contractors, operational staff and tenants.
Create a future-proofed infrastructure network that is agile, robust and scalable.
Meet regulatory and compliance demands.

Helping housing associations drive digital initiatives that transform the tenant experience, underpinned by robust data security.

Find out more in our Housing Associations Brochure.

Meeting housing associations objectives

Using technology to improve housing services in the age of austerity - IT teams in housing associations are tasked with driving digital initiatives in an age of austerity.

This white paper examines how IT teams can use technology to streamline costs, increase stakeholder engagement and create an improved tenant experience.

Click here to download our white paper: Using technology to improve housing services in the age of austerity

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