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Private 5G & LTE Network

The future of wireless connectivity, unleashing the full potential of fully integrated 5G tech and private LTE solutions

Combine the best of the digital and physical worlds, with secure, private 5G networks and wireless LTE solutions that offer the performance, resilience, and low latency that the digital landscape of the future demands

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A new era of wireless connectivity

Private 5G networks and private LTE solutions enable enterprises to modernise business processes, transform how services are delivered, and drive ongoing innovation across numerous evolving sectors. Enterprises can implement high-performance wireless or campus networks that support their mission-critical applications and bring together the capabilities of Wi-Fi and ethernet.

Optimal performance, reliability, and availability

Building on our own high-performance, business-only network, we are able to deliver private 5G connections for businesses across the UK, with fully consistent performance across all regions.

Private Wireless LTE Networks

Converging the best of WiFi and Ethernet DNA
Private Wireless - Ethernet Connectivity.

Fixed (length of cable radius)

1 cable per device



      High Capacity

        Private Wireless - Private 4G / 5G Connectivity.
        Private 4G / 5G

        Wireless (x00m radius)

        Up to 800 connections per AP


        Highly Security

        High Capacity

        High Speed Mobility

        Private Wireless - WiFi Connectivity.

        Wireless (50m radius)

          30 Active Connections per AP

            Best Effort

            Medium Security

            Low Capacity, High Peak Rate

            How private 5G and LTE networks supports growth and innovation across the most challenging sectors:

            Energy & Utilities
            Energy & Utilities

            Leverage massive IoT capabilities to gather data from sensors for real-time monitoring of critical production and transmission systems.


            Medical professionals can optimise patient outcomes through remote diagnostics and real-time monitoring via wearable medical devices, as well as implementing more efficient processes for processing increasingly large volumes of healthcare data.

            Industrial & Manufacturing
            Industrial & Manufacturing

            Reliable and secure low-latency communication supports AI-based automation, smart manufacturing, mission-critical operations, remote maintenance, and robotics - all of which form the foundation of the emerging Industrial Internet of Things.

            Autonomous Vehicles
            Autonomous Vehicles

            5G networks provide continuous, reliable, low-latency coverage to ensure safe and efficient transportation for driverless public transport or vehicle platooning, for example.

            Universities & Research Institutions
            Universities & Research Institutions

            5G tech offers a foundation for reliable, high-capacity, low-latency communications test environments, supporting a wide range of projects around industrial use cases and smart campus technologies.

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            Our approach

            Exponential-e delivers world-class private 5G and LTE networks as part of a full integrated launchpad for digital transformation, utilising our full portfolio of IT, communications, and cyber security capabilities. Drawing on years of experience enabling cutting-edge IoT solutions and maximising the performance of the most resource-intensive platforms, we offer private 5G and LTE connectivity as part of tailored, end-to-end solutions, allowing for smooth, controlled transformation of infrastructure, as organisations navigate an evolving digital landscape.

            Full control and network security

            Our 5G and LTE connectivity is designed to effectively integrate with Software-Defined WAN and SASE solutions to offer complete control of networking, automatically apply corporate security policies are at the edge, and enable secure, effective hybrid working, wherever teams are located.

            Delivering peace of mind

            All this is backed up by robust, tailored SLAs, our in-house Cyber Security Operations Centre, and the support of our 24 / 7 x 365 UK-based service desk, ensuring performance and security concerns are identified and resolved before you even notice them, making your connectivity invisible and freeing you to focus on first-class service delivery.

            Deep expertise in 5G tech, private LTE solutions, and IoT connectivity

            With more than twenty years experience executing network deployments and longstanding partnerships with leading IoT, private 5G, and private LTE experts, we are able to tailor our portfolio of solutions to meet the latest connectivity challenges and effectively utilise the latest 5G and LTE innovations.

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            An end-to-end, fully managed service

            The ideal private 5G and private LTE solutions are built from an open ecosystem of industry-leading, trusted technology providers, integrated by SIs or managed solution providers (MSPs).
            End to End fully managed service - Edge devices
            Edge devices
            End to End fully managed service - Radio Access Network
            Radio Access Network
            End to End fully managed service - Transport Network
            Transport Network
            End to End fully managed service - Cloud Core
            Cloud Core
            End to End fully managed service - Solution Architect
            Solution Architects
            End to End fully managed service - Field Engineering
            Field Engineering
            End to End fully managed service - Civil Engineering
            Civil Engineering
            End to End fully managed service - 24 / 7 Service Desk
            24 / 7 Service Desk
            Private 5G Network - Our Trusted Technology Partner: Nokia
            Private 5G Network - Our Trusted Technology Partner: Ericsson
            Private 5G Network - Our Trusted Technology Partner: Cradlepoint

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