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Vulnerability Management & Scanning Services

Identify, assess and resolve gaps in your security

Cybercriminals actively seek out exploitable vulnerabilities within your IT estate. Find and mitigate these vulnerabilities before they do, with our Vulnerability Scanning Service.

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Meeting your business objectives

With the ongoing evolution of both technology and software, organisations are continually patching their systems to ensure that they are constantly protected. However, this poses challenges for IT teams who are now attempting to securely patch remote devices, relying on the remote users to log into their corporate VPN, to be able to effectively implement each security patch in a timely manner.

Cybercriminals actively seek out exploitable gaps within your security, attacking any vulnerabilities in your application software, hardware and network to cause substantial damage to your brand reputation, finances and intellectual property.

It is therefore imperative to conduct regular vulnerability assessments and proactively identify vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, ensuring they are mitigated before cybercriminals exploit them. This way, you can resolve potentially costly and damaging breaches before they even occur.

External scans examine the perimeter of your network, evaluating weaknesses that a hacker may see from outside.
We take a fingerprint of the network to identify any potential risks. This helps you to keep up to date with any threats - such as weaknesses in firewalls - reducing your exposure to risk.
Integrates seamlessly into our CSOC Service.

Our Capabilities

Exponential-e offer a Vulnerability Scanning Service that examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities and provides actionable remedies with risk-based insights. Mimicking the actions of a cybercriminal, we add an extra layer of value by analysing and advising where you should take extra precaution.

We provide you with a concise report, detailing the exploitable weaknesses within you external-facing public network. The report explicitly highlights any vulnerabilities - from critical to low - that require mitigation. Knowing where you’re most at risk provides you with an invaluable awareness of the steps you should take, to proactively reduce your attack surface, and improve your overall security posture.

Partnering with Outpost 24 - Full stack security scanning solution and penetration testing.
We evaluate your software applications, hardware and network to identify weaknesses just as a real-life hacker would, ensuring we’re covering all areas of attack.
We provide a resolution-based report that analyses potential threats, while providing suitable measures for managing vulnerabilities.
Any vulnerabilities reported are scored the using Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) to help you prioritise the most serious risks.
The information provided in the report is catered for different stakeholders across your business.
Actionable steps are provided demonstrating how to resolve vulnerabilities.
When required, we provide follow-up consultation with one of our Cyber Security Experts to talk through the results and impact on your business.

Take systematic, preventative measures


Catalogue assets and resources in a system.


Assign quantifiable value and importance to assets and data.


Identity security vulnerabilities or potential threats to assets and develop a strategy to deal with the most serious threats first.


Mitigate or eliminate the most serious vulnerabilities for the most critical assets.

Why Exponential-e?

A flexible approach tailored to customers’ requirements

Cost-effective solution that will cut through complexity by focusing solely on what matters, protecting businesses with minimum disruption

End-to-End management and advice from our dedicated Cyber Security Operations Centre

Offering 24 / 7 x 365 customer support including CSOC Support

Offering an initial External Scan for free

Additional verification for any vulnerabilities that may look abnormal, to give Peace of Mind as-a-Service

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*Calls to 0845 numbers will cost 7p p/m plus your phone company’s access charge. All inbound and outbound calls may be recorded for training or quality purposes.

*Calls to 0845 numbers will cost 7p p/m plus your phone company’s access charge.
All inbound and outbound calls may be recorded for training or quality purposes.