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Identity Access Management

Delivering smooth, secure user experiences

Securing and validating the identity of your users is paramount. Our market-leading identity and access management solutions use strong authentication and digital identification techniques to enable secure access and interactions for all your employees.

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Flexible and adaptable security
Flexible and
adaptable security
Cloud certified infrastructure
Cloud certified
Best-of-breed security solution
security solution

Protect your users’ identity

People are more commonly interacting through omni-channel digital experiences and have high expectations of a seamless experiences across all channels and devices. With a plethora of apps to choose from, organisations are beginning to move their operations to the cloud in order to manage increasing workloads and to increase agility, however:

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Organisations often struggle to update outdated identity and access management solutions
Enterprises suffer breaches that erode customer trust.
Some modern identity solutions are complex and time consuming to implement.
Many IT resources are stretched and often lack specific, technical access management knowledge

Working with Exponential-e

Companies are in possession of critical data, customer information, employee credentials and partner and vendor accounts. So how can you secure your data, whilst still providing a positive user experience? Ensure that the right people have the right access to the right resources at the right time. An effective IAM solution creates streamlined, secure, day-to-day operation across the entire organisation, through a suite of tools and capabilities.

Our Identity and Access Management solution is flexible and adaptive
Our solutions are well-integrated, users do not even notice controls in place (single sign-on)
We seamlessly integrate with the most popular apps.
In cases where needed, we implement multi-factor authorisation to add an additional security layer.
Our solution is entirely scalable, so as your business grows, your solution will adapt.

Remote Access Control Service

Our Remote Access Solution enables users to securely access company resources and applications from any location and any device.

As businesses become more mobile, IT departments need to offer their employees secure remote access. Exponential-e’s managed Remote Access Solution enables users to securely access company resources and applications from any location and any device.

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