Why Exponential-e?

The Network, the technology and the service

3,000+ companies depend on Cloud, IT and Network services from Exponential-e.
Our fusion of complementary technologies - a carrier-class Network and Cloud infrastructure - means we can deliver enterprise applications at wire speed for a superior end-user experience.

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Our Network
The foundation for business communications

The foundation of our business is our carrier-class Fibre Network, with a high capacity Ethernet core built, developed over the last 18 years. It is this Network that underpins the services we deliver, providing solid foundations for corporate Networks, coverage for over 90% of UK businesses, and the investments in security and hardware needed to power their services.

Smart Wires
The smarter network technology

Exponential-e is the UK's pioneer of corporate Networks, delivered using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology. VPLS is a Layer 2 Network technology, which offers a significant advantage over competing solutions in that it allows geographically-diverse locations to be connected as if they were on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

Our Service
Our roots in customer service excellence

Since Exponential-e’s foundation, our focus has been to deliver the best customer service in the UK. We’re proud to offer a historic overview of how we achieved our current quality of service and a customer satisfaction level of 96%, including our live Net Promoter score.

Board Members

Executive Team

What we do

Exponential-e provides Cloud, SD-WAN networks, Unified Communications services, and cybersecurity prevention and remediation
services delivered over our own high capacity, secure, super-fast business-only network. For more than 18 years, we have invested heavily in expanding our network reach whilst seamlessly integrating our resilient Cloud and Voice infrastructure. Our capabilities extend to world-class professional and managed IT Services. Today, we have more than 700 employees with the expertise and capabilities to deliver the business solutions
and outcomes our clients require.

Technology and innovation drive our growth and are complemented by our world-leading customer service and support. Our Customer Served 1st programme (launched in October 2003) led us to develop our world-first ‘live NPS’ customer feedback programme. We are trusted by over 3,000 customers, with 96% reference-ability, click here for our ‘real-time’ live NPS score.

But as our customers will tell you, it's not just the innovation and the customer service excellence they value. They also value the Exponential-e integrity and ethos, as we act as their trusted partner, working with them to design and deliver their solutions on time and to budget. This is reinforced by the international management standards we work to. We are the only company in Europe that operates and commits to nine ISO international standards. As the British Standards Institute says, “Exponential-e is a truly world-class ICT services company”.

Ultimately, when it comes to your critical infrastructure, what you want from a partner is peace of mind as-a service.
This is precisely what Exponential-e delivers.

When you engage Exponential-e as your IT Managed Service Provider, you enjoy a seamless, stress-free digital transformation journey, where every step is tailored to your long-term goals and the specific demands of your sector, helping drive new innovations and ongoing business growth.

Our Technology Partners

Our customers

Our History of Innovation


Extension of Our Capabilities

Teams Gateway Platform
Multi Vendor Global SD-WAN
Webex Calling



Acquisition of Vysiion

Project delivery, edge to core technologies​ UK Field Engineering Team​, 24 / 7 x 365 NOC, and Data Centre Services Team​, Reactive and Proactive Tech Resolution Team


The SD-DP and DX Blueprint

We officially launch our Digital Transformation (DX) Blueprint, enabled by our Software-Defined Digital Platform (SD-DP) and DX Toolbox.



Continuous Improvements to Our Service

We introduce the Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), our Cloud Management Platform (CMP), SD-WAN / Cloud, One Owner (an extension of our ‘Customer Served First’ philosophy), and BS10012-PIIS.


The Product Innovation Continues

The creation of the Exponential-e Cyber Security product portfolio, as well as developments in a world-first: SD CLOUD.



Expansion to the ARK

Offering our customers secure, energy efficient Managed Data Centre space. As well as launching some market disrupting Cloud products - S4 Cloud Storage, Cloud Sync.


Award-Winning Year

Awards and accolades from The London Stock Exchange, “1000 Companies to inspire Britain”, Investec 100 Mid-Market and Megabuyte Top 50.



Launch of DaaS & SD WAN

Launch of Desktop-as-a-Service, allowing greater workplace flexibility and remote working. Launch of SD WAN - flexible and scalable WAN solutions.


Launch of own Private Cloud & Data Centre: Seamless Interoperability for Cloud and Network.



High Capacity Core Network Upgrades

Exponential-e invested heavily in our Cloud and Data Centres, expanding our core high capacity network


Exponential-e Broadcasts Royal Wedding

Broadcasting the Royal wedding to North America was only possible thanks to the efforts of Exponential-e’s Network and Support teams.



Launch of Bandwidth Management

Exponential-e launched our web-based monitoring portal, giving all customers full control and visibility of all traffic and applications traveling their Network, completely free.


Launch of Smart Internet

Launch of our business-only, carrier class Internet service.



Launch of VPLS Network

Exponential-e launched the world-first Virtual Private LAN (VPLS) making it possible for our customers to create a logical local area network (LAN) structure between geographically separate sites.


Intelligent Internet Algorithm

Exponential-e launches our world-first Connectivity algorithm, to maximise speed and minimise latency for our global financial trading customers.



Internet over Ethernet

The foundation of our business - our carrier-class Fibre Network.

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If you are looking for technical support please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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