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Online Backup & Cloud Storage
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Store and protect your critical data from anywhere

Backup is a must-have requirement, but its role is changing. Businesses around the world are now looking for more secure, reliable and extensive solutions. That’s why we’re revolutionising backup.

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Protect your applications,
operating systems and databases

Using the latest technology - combined with our secure Network and Data Centres - we provide your business with a fully-automated, encrypted and intelligent online data backup solution. Lead the way in data growth and application management with a platform which is native and Cloud-based. Quickly back up, recover and access your most important data across any infrastructure to make business continuity simple.

Few enterprises have the fine-grained indexing and classification to hold just the data that’s relevant when required to place a legal hold on company information. Provide your business with the assurance that your applications and related data are protected should the worst occur. Integrate script-free backups and restore point-in-time at the push of a button for comprehensive backup, archiving and recovery.

Our Online Backup and data protection solution offers broad support functioning with most operating environments and file systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, AIX, Solaris, NetApp, EMC, Hitachi and IBM iSeries.

Application Protection gives you one solution with seamless integration for a wide range of applications, including:

Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange & Outlook.
OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business.
SAP, Oracle, IBM Notes.
Gmail, Google Drive, and G Suite business apps from Google Cloud.

Universal Data Access

 we Exponential-e can provide your business with a fully-automated, encrypted and intelligent online data backup solution.
Universal Data Access

  • Efficient, secure
  • Flexible, Automated
  • Any storage / Any location
  • Policy-based

How does our Online Backup align to your business needs?

Ensures business continuity.
Reduced, simplified, fast backup and recovery.
Retrieve information faster.
Efficient storage of data saves time and money.
Meet Compliance requirements.

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