Prisma Access by Palo Alto

A secure web gateway for your branch offices and remote users

As your organisation evolves, the need for a consistent yet dynamic approach to implementing security controls for users becomes paramount, if your critical data is to remain secure. In response, Palo Alto’s Prisma Access offers Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) via next-generation Firewall as-a-Service (FWaaS), hosted in the Cloud. This enables your IT teams to provide your remote workforce with secure access to business applications via SaaS, a branch site, and Public or Private Clouds - all via a single pane of glass.

Next-generation security controls for next-generation threats

Prisma Access, delivered by Exponential-e, will accelerate your move towards secure, efficient remote working, allowing your workforce to continue delivering their best, while keeping your critical data 100% secure. The result:

Organisations worldwide trust Palo Alto to maintain the reliability of networked systems. Palo Alto is committed to securing today’s complex IT environments, designed for the modern and digital age.
Agile Business Continuity - Swiftly and effectively react to changes in the digital landscape, such as enabling a secure remote workforce to support business operations following the outbreak of COVID-19.
Multi-region Scalability - An elastic, Cloud-based security infrastructure ensures business continuity as you grow, avoiding the challenges of sizing and deploying firewalls across multiple locations, while minimising gaps in service coverage and reducing dependencies on colocation facilities.
Consistent Security - With a single policy-base, managed via a single pane of glass, you can efficiently control user access to Internet-based applications across multiple regions.
Full Visibility - By leveraging functionality from Cortex Data Lake, along with User-ID integration with Active-Directory, you enjoy full application visibility at a per-user level.
Integration & Cost Control - As a Cloud solution, Prisma Access doesn't require additional applications on the endpoint, unlike many Proxy or CASB products, which means no additional licensing costs.

Why Palo Alto Prisma Access?

Delivered as a fully-managed platform, supported by Exponential-e’s 24 / 7 UK-based service centre, Prisma Access maintains a global presence through its deployment across multiple Public Cloud providers with Gateways in 100+ locations spread across over 50 countries.

This not only enables inter-region connectivity between remote users, branch offices and Private Cloud environments, but also provides intra-region connectivity to the Internet & SaaS applications, with localisation in your country of origin.

  • Secure connectivity layer between users and networks over an IPSec or SSL / IPSec overlay to the Cloud Firewall
  • Next-generation firewall security in the Cloud
  • DNS security
  • Threat prevention
  • Full integration with Exponential-e’s Software-Defined WAN service
  • Centralised log storage via Cortex Data Lake
  • Single pane of glass management via Palo Alto Panorama, featuring Multi-Factor Authentication support via Exponential-e’s Single-Sign On

Additional monitoring and alerting

With the change in paradigm where your workforce is now working from home and potentially accessing the network with their own devices, it's more critical than ever for business to monitor their network usage for any malicious behaviour and ensure that you can robustly process, analyse and react to this information in real-time.

In order to assist, Exponential-e can offer a native bolt-on to Prisma Access of our Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platform, enabling effective and responsive monitoring for your global user population as a fully managed service via our in-house CSOC Team.


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If you are looking for technical support please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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