Managed LAN and WiFi

Stressfree networks with sustainable cost savings

Place your IT infrastructure in safe hands. We have over 17 years’ experience in managed Network solutions, with highly skilled teams available round the clock to keep your business running.

Why Exponential-e Managed LAN & WiFi

Simple to deploy and manage

Ability to configure APs/switches and manage policies remotely though a centralised platform for reduced time to value.

Operational efficiencies

By outsourcing network management, businesses free up time and resources as even non-technical people can set up new hardware.​

Built-in security

Identity-based, stateful firewall network access and intrusion prevention ensure rogue AP containment while monitoring all data traffic.​

Remote site survivability

In the event of an outage there is no loss of Network services and security is not compromised.

Intelligent connectivity

Intelligently steers clients to best performing AP and no client side software is required.​

Enhanced APP performance

Prioritise business critical Apps or block content - enforceable per user, device, and location - for enhanced performance.​​

Why Managed LAN & WiFi?

Allowing us to design, deploy and manage your LAN and WiFi means that we can work proactively; fixing faults and ensuring that your Network is always running at full capacity and as smoothly as possible. Passing this over to us means that your IT team can focus on developing front-end applications and improving business processes. It also decreases the need for additional recruitment in order to support your team, which in turn decreases business costs.

This is what we are experts at - wouldn’t you want your infrastructure maintained by the very best?


Sophisticated security - protects internal assets, isolates sensitive traffic from the rest of the network, includes secure guest access, and performs real-time remediation.
Wireless intrusion protection system - keeps out rogue APs, clients, and other devices that can potentially harm your network and provides information for compliance reporting.
Zero-touch provisioning - we ship APs and switches to remote sites where a non-technical person can simply unpack and power up.
Scalable single architecture - across headquarters, branch and home offices.
Remote site survivability - security information and actions are stored in the access points until connectivity between the APs and the cloud management server are restored.
Cloud-managed - APs and switches benefit from centralised maintenance and management.
Network Upgrades - minimum downtime with clustering, scheduled and live upgrades.
Enhanced Network visibility - reporting across your entire estate.


Simple, fast deployment - reduces time to value for the customer and enhances agility.
Cost effective & scalable - grows with your business to protect investment in the long term.
High-speed, resilient connectivity - fast access to key business resources to drive end-user productivity and maintain business agility.
Fully managed solution - reduces touch-time for internal IT departments for more effective use of resources, redirecting focus to critical tasks.
No complex licensing - resulting in lower TCO, ease of expansion and saving time by removing the need to keep track of licenses.
Granular visibility of the network - prevent wireless problems before users are affected, maintaining productivity.
Trusted, secure connectivity - providing peace of mind to our customers and end-users.
Streamline your internal IT resources, reduce the risk of failures affecting your business and allow Exponential-e to take the reins.
Exponential-e partner with the best in class technology companys - HP Business Partner and Cisco Meraki

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Talk to one of our specialists

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are looking for technical support please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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