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Preparing for the
PSTN switch-off in 2027

Hands-on support to ensure a seamless transition to
IP-based communications

In 2018, BT Openreach announced that the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) would be retired in favour of Internet Protocol (IP)-based alternatives by January 2027. Legacy PSTN solutions are therefore being phased out, which means solutions that depend on these connections will need to have an alternative in place before the final switch-off. With 33% of large organisations reliant on the PSTN or ISDN networks to some extent[1], it is essential that they have an alternative solution in place by the designated switch-off date.


Future-Proof IP Solutions

Why are PSTN services
being phased out?

The copper network has long served as the foundation of telephony across the UK. However, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain. Furthermore, compared to newer technologies, its limitations with regard to security, reliability, and bandwidth have become increasingly clear.


What advantages
will IP-based communications offer?

IP-based solutions can be scaled up or down as necessary, without additional hardware needing to be deployed.

How will the stop-sell affect you?

As part of the transition to all-IP services, BT have instituted a stop-sell of new WLR services, which took place on September 5th, 2023. As a result, no new deployments of these services will take place, which means you must be aware of the alternatives and develop your VoIP phone system accordingly.

As the FTTP priority exchange stop-sell is rolled out in specific regions, FTTP will be the only option available. In regions where this is not yet the case, transitional solutions - such as SoGEA - will be available from your VoIP provider instead.

How Exponential-e can help you prepare

Exponential-e is here to provide expert advice, hands-on support, and a comprehensive range of IP-based voice solutions - including, FTTP, SoGEA, and VoIP - throughout the PSTN switch-off process. Our teams will work closely with you, taking the time to understand your current voice solutions, how the switch-off will affect you, and which solutions will best serve your requirements, both now and in the future.

A UK pioneer of next-generation connectivity

Connectivity has always been a foundational part of how Exponential-e continues to deliver our innovations across the UK. We have spent more than twenty years developing our own carrier-class, business only fibre network, allowing us to deliver the very highest standards of performance, reliability, and availability, with connections to over 90% of UK businesses and the most robust SLA’s. 

Get in touch

Why Exponential-e?

The Exponential-e Group - consisting of Exponential-e, Vysiion, and Xpertex - is a leading British innovator in cyber security, with more than twenty years’ experience delivering fully integrated solutions to organisations across the most challenging sectors, including Defence, Government, Finance, Healthcare, and CNI. Drawing on this wide-ranging experience and deep expertise from across the entire Group, to deliver secure-by-design systems, suitable for the most complex operations across multiple domains.

Which voice solution
is right for you?

Fibre to the Premises

Single-order Generic Ethernet Access

Single-Order Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

A full-fibre, high-performance broadband solution that offers speeds of up to 1GBPS and the highest levels of resilience, currently being rolled out to 1.5 million sites by 2026.

Access ethernet services without a phone line, offering the same performance as traditional FTTC connections or greater.

An all-IP version of copper-to-copper broadband, only offered as a transitional product for sites with copper connections until fibre connectivity is fully available in that area.

This brochure offers an in-depth exploration of Exponential-e’s entire UC and CC ecosystems, all of which we deliver in bespoke combinations to optimise your internal and external communication strategies.

Our commitment to delivering excellence

Rolling 3 month average. Industry average: 17

Our commitment to delivering excellence

The world’s first real-time NPS - part of our longstanding customer service promise.

Through our own customer service platform, our customers are able to give us feedback quickly and easily, with a click of a button. Our Customer Support teams are immediately notified of feedback so they can respond instantly, in order to quickly close the loop on any feedback that is less than excellent.

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*Calls to 0845 numbers will cost 7p p/m plus your phone company’s access charge. All inbound and outbound calls may be recorded for training or quality purposes.

*Calls to 0845 numbers will cost 7p p/m plus your phone company’s access charge.
All inbound and outbound calls may be recorded for training or quality purposes.