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Third Sector

Transformative solutions for a transformative sector

We understand the unique challenges faced by the Third Sector. We’ll help you clear the hurdles to digital transformation - so that you can get on with transforming lives. Technological innovation will cut your costs, improve your efficiency, and drive your audience engagement.

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As an IT leader in the Third Sector, you’re probably facing at least some of these challenges:

Pressure to economise: government cuts and the rise of personal fundraising platforms have increased competition for private donations and put a strain on charities’ budgets.
Outmoded legacy systems and processes: they’re expensive, overly complicated, and they can’t give you the insight into data you really need
A digitally-native audience: many people, particularly young people, now expect to be able to donate to your charity anytime, anywhere, and from any device
A mobile, flexible workforce: charities often employ a widespread network of volunteers who need to be able to work on-the-go with flexible hours
Public scrutiny over spending: following a number of high-profile scandals, any investment in tools and systems has to be seen to directly benefit a charity’s supporters and cause
Data protection as a priority: your supporters entrust you with sensitive personal and financial information, and your reputation rests on how you protect it

Handled effectively, these challenges become opportunities for your organisation to cut costs, innovate and engage with your supporters more closely than you ever have.

Our Third Sector solutions

We have delivered successful IT solutions for organisations including Wellcome Trust, Anthony Nolan, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Macmillan Cancer Support.

We’re flexible: our range of capabilities enables us to create a solution tailored specifically for your organisation’s needs.

Connectivity solutions Make sure you never miss a donation
Connectivity solutions

Make sure you never miss a donation

However high traffic gets during big campaigns, your website needs to be open for business and taking donations. Give your supporters seamless, secure and reliable online service with our Layer 2 VLPS Network.

Cloud solutions Cut costs and cover more ground
Cloud solutions

Cut costs and cover more ground

Your workforce needs access to your network anytime, anywhere, from any device. The Cloud gives you this, plus a futureproof, scalable infrastructure. On top of this, it will save you money, space and time.

Cyber Security solutions Protect your supporters - and your reputation
Cyber Security solutions

Protect your supporters - and your reputation

Charities make tempting targets for cybercriminals. Protect yourself and your supporters with real-time forensic security analysis provided by the most accredited cloud and network provider in the UK.

UCC solutions Unify your workforce on one platform
UCC solutions

Unify your workforce on one platform

You need to make every penny count. Why pay for separate telephony, video, IM and email? With a single communications platform you’ll save money, drive productivity, and encourage flexible working and real-time collaboration.

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