Source Code Review Services

We check and review your source code,
to ensure it is as secure

Writing code can be a repetitive task that can lead to errors. Our Code Review Service guarantees
that there are no exploitable vulnerabilities within the user-controlled input of your organisations code to ensure secure business continuity.

Meeting your business objectives

The most common challenge when writing code is the repetitive nature of the task. This can lead to many errors in code that can compromise the security of the code. This allows Exponential-e to offer a customer a fresh pair of eyes., to We can check and review the customer’s source code, to ensure it is as secure as possible.

Protection target: Data


Protection target: Network


Protection target: Applications


Protection target: Cloud


Service capabilities

Exponential-e has the tools to check the integrity of the code, to review and ensure it is secure.
The automated code review service allows for the debugging of code before it goes into testing/ production.
Identification of the source of code errors can help to eradicate security flaws and can monitor the authentication of users in real time.
A source code review traces the path of the user-controlled input and determines if it has been handled correctly.
Information disclosure issues are assessed, to ensure no data is accidentally leaked through timing attacks and buffer overflows.
We can consider race conditions for multi-threaded applications, where security vulnerabilities can result if two threads contend for the same resource.
We assess for application logic errors and check that the correct use of input validation.
The use of cryptography will be examined for errors, to prevent ciphertext attacks.
Web applications will need to be assessed further for correct front-end presentation.
We can offer our code review service to any device – previous cases have included embedded C/C++ devices, iOS/iPhone applications and web applications, written in a variety of coding languages.

Why Exponential-e?

The combination of automated tools and expert advice provides an assessment of various areas of the code, ensuring our customers are able to thoroughly test the code during the development of applications.

Our code review service is a continuous improvement process to enhance the end product ​advice. ​


Diary of a Data Spill

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If you are looking for technical support please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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