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UC One

When a client purchases our HPBX solution they gain access to our unified communication platform UC One. UC One is available in 3 tiers called “UC One”, “Office”, and “Office Lite ”.
UC-One: is our highest tier of unified communications and contains all of our advanced features such as mobile clients & collaboration, 3 way calling, and hot desking . UC one gives you access to a communication application that allows you to instant message, call, video call and screen share with other members of your corporate network. If you have the app installed on your smartphone you can securely take and make calls using your desk phone number. From anywhere Office: Gives clients the ability to make and receive calls from their VOIP phones. Office does not feature any of the advanced collaborative features such as being able to use your number from any device or instant messaging.
Office Lite : Typically used for fax machines or phones that are publicly accessible and require basic call functionality.