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A hosted private branch exchange provides the same functionality as an onsite PBX, but is located in our Cloud and gives our clients access to our universal communication platform. The advantages of this are that the client does not have to purchase, maintain and replace any hardware and any purchased phone lines are not tethered to a particular location. The benefits being that the client always has a cutting edge solution, that is not susceptible to local disaster and can be accessed from anywhere on any device that has a connection to the client’s network. Our HPBX is also highly scalable, additional licences can easily be added with no change to onsite hardware.
For example, a client has 20 staff spread across 2 offices. Each staff member has a desk phone, smartphone and laptop. The desk phones connect to the EOF connection that we are supplying to each site; this gives them access to our core network on which the HPBX is hosted. If one of the client’s staff needs to go off site they can use the UC One app on their smartphone to securely connect to our core network and the HPBX, which allows them to take and make calls using their desk phone number from anywhere.