Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Dynamic, secure access control,
everywhere you operate -
in the Cloud and at the edge

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) from Exponential-e combines high-performance connectivity with a robust, centralised cyber security posture, providing control and visibility of the entire corporate network, wherever and whenever employees are connecting.

World-class security applied at the edge
World-class security
applied at the edge
By automatically applying corporate cyber security policies at the edge, regardless of the method of access, organisations retain full control of their data while providing the scalability and flexibility that modern hybrid working and the increasing popularity of SaaS applications demands.
Cloud-ready cyber security.
cyber security

Security policies can be defined and applied on a per user and per region basis, streamlining SecOps across the perimeterless network architectures created by increasing Cloud adoption while protecting critical data from the threats legacy security frequently misses.

A high speed, always on solution. .
A high-speed, always-on solution

SASE from Exponential-e delivers real-time, Cloud-native security that ensures leading-edge cyber security does not compromise the performance and availability of your critical Cloud applications (including both Private and Public Cloud solutions) - the best of both worlds.

Full scalability and cost control.
Full scalability and cost control

The reduced need for on-premise hardware results in tangible cost savings and allows for the efficient deployment of new resources across the entire network, as needed.

Centralised management of your entire network.
Centralised management of your entire network

SASE provides a holistic overview of your network and the movement of your data through a single portal, streamlining management processes and policy enforcement, while also offering full visibility of application usage through a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution.

Real-time alerting, for maximum responsiveness.
Real-time alerting, for maximum responsiveness

Endpoint detection and response technology provides realtime alerts, allowing teams to respond at the very earliest stages of an attack, while providing powerful insights into how it occurred, and how similar events can be prevented in the future.

Comprehensive analytics and reporting.
Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Automated reporting, driven by a data-centric security model, opens up new opportunities for security enhancements and service improvements, such as SIEM. The information that can be collated on a per-application basis includes users, file names, activity, and who files are shared with, with further optimisation achieved through seamless CSOC integration.

Effective integration with SD-WAN.
Effective integration with SD-WAN

The combination of SASE and our Software-Defined WAN solution optimises both connectivity and cyber security for hybrid working, with effective application routing and centralised management, with a single brokering service for all access types.

Exponential-e offers Secure Access Service Edge as a fully managed service, taking a deeply consultative, vendor-agnostic approach to ensure the resulting solution perfectly fits your requirements in terms of performance, security, compliance, and scalability.

Having helped numerous organisations in challenging sectors transition to the new hybrid working model, we draw directly on this experience - combined with twenty years of network innovation - to deliver bespoke SASE solutions that help organisations navigate the challenges the modern distributed workforce presents in terms of security, availability, and operational resilience.

Furthermore, our own UK-based Cyber Security Operations Centre and Service Desk teams are available 24 / 7 to provide end-to-end support following the final deployment.

Our Approach

Security and Networking in a Single, Cloud-based Service Model

Secure Access Service Edge (or SASE) brings together the worlds of security and networking in a single, Cloud-based service model, providing employees with secure access to business-critical applications - including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions - from anywhere in the world.

Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway

Cloud Access Security Broker

Cloud Access Security Broker

Firewall as-a-Service

Firewall as a Service

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust Network Access

To achieve this, SASE consolidates multiple security solutions - including Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, Firewall as-a-Service, Data Loss Prevention and Zero Trust Network Access - all based on a fully optimised global access network. This way, IT teams are freed of the need to manage multiple solutions across multiple regions, while still guaranteeing effective protection from malware, phishing, data loss, and malicious insiders, and complete control over how applications are accessed and used on a day-to-day basis.

The intelligent, flexible deployment of multiple layer defences - including pre-execution script analysis and heuristics, sandboxing and machine learning anomaly detection, user and entity behaviours analytics - allows for access compromise and insider threats to automatically detected and resolved. At the same time, URL filtering, predictive analytics, machine learning and intelligent automation ensures protection from DNS-based threats, such as tunnelling or bad domains, while providing greater insight into potential threats posed by unknown domain names.


Agile and resilient WAN
Holistic security ecosystem
Cloud-scale remote access
Global acceleration
Multi-cloud optimisation
SASE - The intelligent, flexible deployment of multiple layer defences


Software-define capabilities
Enterprise-grade security at the edge
Private backbone with traffic optimisation
Complete access control and treat prevention

Should further support or consultation be required, Exponential-e’s own 24 / 7, UK-based Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) will be readily available.

Why Exponential-e?

Exponential-e is a leading Managed Services Provider, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of cyber security and networking solutions that support the successful implementation of a world-class SASE solution. To this end, we have partnered with several leading Gartner-accredited SASE providers, including Netskope, Palo Alto and Cisco, and offer hands-on support and consultation from dedicated Sales Specialists, Solutions Consultants, and Delivery Experts.

All of our staff are highly qualified and have executed complex Cloud transformation projects for customers across the UK, and draw directly on this experience to enable efficient collaboration with your teams, in order to design and deliver a next-generation security solution. Our experience and expertise in networking, connectivity, and cyber security allow us to offer ‘Peace of Mind as-a-Service’ - as demonstrated by our industry-leading, real-time NPS score.

Netskope - Leading Gartner-accredited SASE Provider.
Prisma by Palo Alto Systems - Leading Gartner-accredited SASE Provider.
Cisco Umbrella - Leading Gartner-accredited SASE Provider.

Download our Cyber Security Capabilities Brochure

A comprehensive guide to our entire
Cyber Security eco-system.

Cyber Security is real challenge for organisations at all levels, across all sectors, with new threats emerging on a regular basis, putting a considerable strain on internal IT teams. We have designed our Cyber Security eco-system with this in mind, providing your team with the tools and support they need to keep your data protected at all times, freeing you to focus on your core business. Our Security Brochure provides a comprehensive overview of each element of this eco-system – all the information you need make an informed choice about which solutions are right for your teams, your data and your customers.

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