Our Network

The Foundation for Business Communications

The foundation of our business is our carrier-class Fibre Network, with a high capacity Ethernet core, developed over the last 18 years.

The Network that underpins all the services we deliver

Providing solid foundations for corporate Networks, coverage for over 90% of UK businesses, and the investments in security and hardware needed to power their services.

We have invested significantly in the Network over the years. The robust MPLS Network powers our VPLS technology, with Nokia core switches, at the core, ensuring it is one of the UK's most secure carrier Networks.

Network Control & Visibility

Our Network carries data for some of the UK's most regulated and data-intensive industries who demand the utmost control and security. As a result, we have invested heavily in tools which provide Network control and monitoring including:

  • Bandwidth Management - web-based monitoring and control of traffic on the Network without the need for investing in costly appliances.
  • Network Monitoring and Control - location and device reporting which include bandwidth throughput, latency and jitter.

Multiple Services Over Exponential-e's Network

Our carrier-class homogeneous Network is business only, meaning it is not constrained by consumer traffic, making it ideal for data-intensive business users. Many of our customers choose us because of our VPLS-enabled Network, which enables them to converge multiple services over one connection.

From Cloud and Voice Services to Business Internet and multi-site corporate Wide Area Networks, our customers are running mission-critical services over our Network.

One End-to-end SLA

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) covers our Network, business services and Cloud infrastructure. For many businesses, having a separate provider for the Network and multiple providers for the variety of services required to run their business operations means numerous SLAs are needed. Disparities in service quality between providers can often result in conflicting performance and resolution times, which impact business operations.

As Exponential-e utilises its own Network to deliver services, we provide a true end-to-end SLA, which starts at the customer premises all the way through to the hosted services.

Network Features

Carrier-class Network offering resilience and reliability, built using Ethernet and Layer 2 VPLS technology.
Over 34 on-net Data Centres.
Over 35,000 on-net postcodes in London. Plus, 90% coverage of businesses UK-wide. Current Points of Presence in US East coast and mainland Europe enabling International reach, with imminent scale plans for further network reach.

Network Reach

The carrier-class Network that reaches over 90% of UK businesses

Over the past 18 years, Exponential-e's Network has extended its coverage from major metros to the whole country, and now reaches over 90% of UK businesses. Today, the Network has over 190 Points of Presence around the UK, with over 35,000 on-net postcodes in London alone.

The very design of our Network is based around our customers’ business goals, with major metro-hubs in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Exponential-e National Network Reach

London Metro Coverage

Manchester Metro Coverage

Exponential-e International Network Reach

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If you are looking for technical support, please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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