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Providing the technology backbone for luxury hotels across the UK

About Apex Hotels

Since 1996, Apex Hotels has delivered unforgettable experiences from ten four-star hotels across the UK, combined with a longstanding focus on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and personal attention for every guest. With a range of contemporary and spacious bedrooms and suites, combined with meeting and events spaces, bars and restaurants, and luxury spas, each Apex hotel has its own distinctive character that inspires guests to return again and again.

The Solution

Apex Hotels were assigned a dedicated account team at Exponential-e, who would be in constant communication throughout the design and deployment of the new infrastructure and provide a single point of communication if any concerns were to arise.

A high-performance WAN was deployed to interconnect all twelve sites, combined with co-location services for the head office, delivering the perfect balance of performance, security, and scalability. Every stage of the deployment process was overseen by the account team, who were in regular communication with Apex's own teams before, during, and after the scheduled launch day.

The support of their account team proved invaluable when the UK went into lockdown, helping Apex put measures in place to adapt to the reduced footfall without compromising the integrity of their IT infrastructure. The partnership is currently in the early stages of its next phase, as Apex and Exponential-e teams work to develop an effective Cloud strategy and expedite the opening of new hotels around the country, ensuring the required solutions are in place, ready to use, and fully integrated with the existing infrastructure in advance of the opening day. This will involve a comprehensive service wrap, covering connectivity, LAN and Wi-Fi, Cloud, managed IT services, and cabling, delivered in bespoke combinations on a site-by-site basis.

This, in turn, is helping to advance Exponential-e's concept of Smart hotels, where holistic, full integrated IT, connectivity, and Cloud solutions are utilised to deliver immersive, interconnected experiences for every guest.

Solution benefits

  • Secure, high-performance connectivity for ten luxury hotels across the UK, along with the head office and laundry facility
  • A dedicated account team, offering a single point of contact and hands-on support
  • Ongoing support and consultancy around future upscaling and the opening of new hotels

The account team work well with us and our other providers. It's something we don't even need to worry about, really. If we want to scale up, it's all there, ready to go.

Chris Wilson
Head of IT, Apex Hotels

The Challenge

Apex's guests expect the highest quality Wi-Fi connectivity throughout every stage of their stay. Combined with increasing levels of customer engagement and an uptake in the use of Cloud-based applications, it became clear that Apex's underlying infrastructure would need to be able to accommodate the resulting bandwidth demands, while maintaining the highest standards of performance and data security, including full compliance with PCI requirements. To this end, the decision was made to engage with a technology partner who would be able to meet these exacting standards, offering best-of-breed solutions and hands-on support, drawing in deep experience across the Hospitality & Leisure sector.

Following a detailed assessment of Exponential-e's experience and capabilities, they were selected as Apex's new primary technology partner and began the process of transforming their entire infrastructure, covering ten hotels, a head office, and an external laundry facility.

I've never heard a complaint about Exponential-e from the team at Apex. The account team are always there, and always ready to help.

Chris Wilson - Head of IT, Apex Hotels

A comprehensive overview of digital transformation for the entire Hospitality & Leisure sector

01 Maintaining the human touch while offering stress-free, contactless stays, from booking to checkout.

02 Accessing new revenue streams through sophisticated data analytics and tailored, omnichannel marketing.

03 Delivering exceptional experiences that turn one-off guests into loyal, repeat customers and help drive brand visibility.

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