Enabling a fully immersive customer experience
through innovative, diverse, and dynamic solutions,
with customer care at the core

Customer experience across the Retail sector is continually evolving to meet consumer expectations and adapt to behavioural changes, both on and offline. Exponential-e provides the technological foundation for tomorrow’s smart shops, delivering an end-to-end solution for your organisation and service excellence for your customers.

Bringing together people,
processes, and technology in a rapidly evolving sector

Exceeding customer expectations, every time

With convenience dominating customers’ buying habits, the expectation on retail experiences are higher than ever before. Seamless, timely and personalised, one-to-one experiences are enhanced by innovative client-facing technologies and underpinned by robust infrastructure, which provides customers with a desired store environment whilst allowing staff to deliver excellent customer service.

Our IT Solutions for Retail

Software Defined WAN for Retail.



In an evolving, increasingly complex threat landscape, SD-WAN allows you to maintain full visibility and control of your network, without compromising the performance and availability of critical applications and services across all sites.

Cyber Security for Retail.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

End-to-end cyber security to ensure your customers’ data is fully protected - in use, in transit, and at rest, supported by robust backup and disaster recovery solutions, hosted at world-class data centres, and managed by our 24 / 7, UK-based CSOC, in line with PCI requirements.

LAN and WiFi solutions for Retail.

LAN & Wi-Fi

LAN & Wi-Fi

With customers now expecting seamless Wi-Fi access as standard, we offer a fully managed LAN & Wi-Fi solution, with seamless deployment, maximum availability, and intelligent connectivity across every site.

Cloud Solutions for Retail.



Expert support throughout even the most complex Cloud transformation projects, opening the door to true data-driven decision making, AI, and machine learning. With this in place, deep customer insights drive new cost savings and service improvements, combined with the ability to effortlessly scale in response to regular seasonal peaks or unexpected shifts in the marketplace, leading to tangible savings that can be passed on to your customers..

Contact Centre as-a-Service solutions for Retail.

Contact Centre as-a-Service

Contact Centre as-a-Service

With the modern contact centre being many customers’ first point of contact, we offer a true omni-channel, Cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with MS Teams, enabling exceptional customer service and maximising the number of first-time resolutions.

LAN and WiFi solutions for Retail.



With EPOS systems growing in sophistication and the adoption of AI on the rise, robust connectivity - powered by our own enterprise-class network - ensures a reliable and optimised experience throughout every step of the customer journey.

Inspiring brand loyalty through digital transformation

Exponential-e’s digital transformation solutions for the Retail sector are flexible, scalable, and designed to put the customer at the centre of everything, ensuring they enjoy a consistently world-class experience throughout every visit, at every location in which you are active. Working closely with you, we bring together technology, people, and processes in a way that complements the dynamic nature of the retail sector and your customers’ evolving expectations, effortlessly accommodating seasonal peaks and market shifts to ensure shoppers enjoy the best possible pricing and truly personalised experiences - all while maintaining full visibility and cost control.

Our Retail Partner Ecosystem

Across the sector, there are a wide range of innovative applications and solutions which are contributing to efficiencies, an improved customer experience and, as a result, brand loyalty. From the basics of tracking assets to the more advanced AI technologies which can measure behaviours and utilise digital signage to display tailored messaging for shoppers.
Our expansive eco-system with a wide range of reputable partners across the Retail sector enables us to grow with your organisation and supports a truly integrated approach to digital transformation.

Retail Eco System - An Immersive Experience - Fulfilment - I want it now.


I Want it …Now
Ship from Store - Store Pickup
Next day vs Same day

Retail Eco System - An Immersive Experience - Brand Loyalty - Eager to try new things.

Brand & Loyalty

Eager to try new things
Creating One to One Connections

Retail Eco System - An Immersive Experience - Dynamic Pricing - Allowing for real-time pricing adjustments.


Dynamic Pricing
Allowing real-time pricing adjustments
Best price Always

Retail Eco System - An Immersive Experience - Mobile Payments - Pay with Convenience.

Mobile Payment

Shoppers embrace
Mobile payments
Pay with convenience

Retail Eco System - Ecommerce Systems
Ecommerce Systems
Delivery Partner
Retail Eco System - Delivery Partner
Delivery, Fulfilment and Logistic
Retail Ecosystem Delivery, Fulfilment and  Logistic
Connectivity: SD-WAN, LAN and WiFi
Retail Ecosystem Connectivity - SD-WAN, LAN and WiFi
Your Store - An Immersive Experience - The Retail Eco System.
Retail Eco System - Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway
Retail Eco System - EPOS Systems
EPOS Systems
Retail Eco System - Digital Signage
Digital Signage
Retail Eco System - Security, SIAM
Security and SIAM

Why Exponential-e?

We are a privately-owned British company that has always made the customer experience a critical priority in everything we do - as demonstrated by our industry-leading NPS score, updated live on our website. This is the basis of our company culture and informs every aspect of our work across the UK’s Retail sector, supported by our self-owned, business only network. Working with Exponential-e, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager, who will act as a single point of contact, and provide the same standard of hands-on, personal support you offer your own customers.

With our strong customer-centric ethos, we have established longstanding partnerships with numerous leaders across the UK’s Retail sector, not only helping them optimise their day-to-day operations and fulfil their compliance obligations, but also identifying and implementing new ways of engaging with their customers and strengthening their brand reputation.

Case studies

Real-life examples of technological innovation across the UK’s Retail sector.

A global high street travel retailer with 1,300 stores worldwide

This client’s massive retail network is made possible by Exponential-e.

We enable the client to grow and respond flexibly to changes in customer demand. And, through ongoing management of services and projects, we support both numerous changes to service requirements and the rapid deployment of new sites in the UK and overseas.

The largest fast-fit retailer and wholesaler of tyres in the UK, with approximately 800 retail centres and 14 warehouses

This client wanted to gain control and visibility of its network, to improve resilience and reliability, and to protect client data against security risks.

We simplified and aligned the client’s complex array of services and suppliers into a single, unified and fully managed Network and Colocation infrastructure solution.

We enabled the client to future-proof their infrastructure, and to further explore commercial and market positioning benefits of Cloud-based technology.

A complete digital transformation for a fixture of UK highstreets

Exponential-e designed and delivered an end-to-end digital transformation project for a global coffee chain, providing resilient, scalable connectivity, in-store telephony, and an agile Software-Defined WAN solution, ensuring critical applications would be readily available to staff at every store across the country. This included management of multiple vendors, and hands-on support for the entire infrastructure, for complete peace of mind.

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When you engage Exponential-e as your IT Managed Service Provider, you enjoy a seamless, stress-free digital transformation journey, where every step is tailored to your long-term goals and the specific demands of your sector, helping drive new innovations and ongoing business growth.

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