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Bringing the personal touch to digital transformation – why Exponential-e continues to build our presence in the North


"When it comes to digital transformation, the personal touch is often what takes projects from 'good' to 'exceptional'. Plenty of companies can deliver technology, but it's the relationships that really drive innovation in long term."

Philip Button, Regional Business Manager – Enterprise

Exponential-e is a proudly British company and has been since our inception more than twenty years ago. That's why we have developed – and continue to develop – our underling infrastructure to ensure we are able to consistently maintain the highest level of performance, availability, and security for our entire solution portfolio, wherever our customers are located. Indeed, at the time of writing, our own network allows us to provide coverage for over 90% of UK businesses.

But this is just the foundation…

To achieve truly transformative results, leading-edge technology must go hand-in-hand with experience, expertise, and a drive for innovation. That's why we constantly work to develop our people as much as our solutions. This means identifying and recruiting the most promising digital talent, and then providing them with the means and opportunities to achieve their full potential. And it also means ensuring our teams are always on hand to provide our customers with hands-on support and guidance in response to their digital challenges.

As a result, in addition to our head office in London, we maintain a dedicated, evolving presence in Northern England, based in our Manchester office. 

An evolving team of digital experts, serving organisations across the Northern UK

"The reason I moved from big service providers is to work closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and develop solutions and services that align to their key performance indicators. Due to their size, larger service providers lack agility, which limits their ability to provide genuinely tailored services to meet customer requirements, especially for the most complex projects. At Exponential-e, our Northern team are able to offer the best of both worlds – end to end, integrated next-gen technologies, combined with a deep customer focus." 

Jason Harrison, Regional Business Development Manager

Our Northern team already boasts more than 100 years of collective experience in IT and communications, having worked across sectors including manufacturing, retail, and the public sector. They channel this diverse experience into every project, providing innovative solutions in response to customers' unique goals and challenges. In addition to deep technical knowledge across a range of fields – including networking, UC and contact centre, Cloud, and cyber security – they emphasise the importance of building true partnerships over purely transactional relationships.

By taking the time to build trust and credibility with each customer, the team is able to provide bespoke solutions and hands-on support to a wide (and growing!) range of organisations across the whole region, operating across a number of diverse sectors, including key healthcare providers, such as Leeds Teaching Hospital, fixtures of the high-street, such as Costa Coffee, and many more.

Do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are active in the Northern UK and would like to engage with the team to explore how to develop technology infrastructure that will help you achieve your goals, both now and in the future. We look forward to meeting you and helping you take the next steps of our own digital transformation journey!

Powered by Exponential-e's Software Defined Digital Platform and DX Toolbox

Exponential-e's DX blueprint draws on more than twenty years of innovation across the public and private sectors, combined with the capabilities of our own Software-Defined Digital Platform (SDDP) to provide a foolproof methodology for achieving successful digital transformation. Whatever stage you are currently at in your own digital journey, this will help you take the first steps towards reducing costs, optimising performance, and maintaining the leading edge in competitive markets.

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