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A tech-powered customer experience for the new era of financial services


From day-to-day consumer banking to high-profile asset and wealth management, the way we all access financial services is changing in ways that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. Online banking is now firmly established, allowing customers to manage their money securely within a few clicks - anytime, anywhere and without the need to visit a branch. A 2022 survey revealed that the quality of the online experience was a key factor in 81% of adults' choice of bank1.

But what if that was just the first step?

Visionary firms across the Finance sector - including well-established global names and the new breed of digital-only banks - are already building on the success of online banking and the lessons learned throughout lockdown to transform their customer experience - not only in terms of their day-to-day services, but also the elite-tier services that the world's wealthiest depend on.

At the time of writing there is already a great amount of uncertainty around financial services. Firms are increasingly challenged to display a higher level of security and resilience as financial regulations evolve. At the same time, the customers accessing these services are increasingly younger, with different expectations around how services should be delivered. By embracing these differences, and offering every customer a truly personalised experience, financial firms will not only attract and retain new custom, but build upon the increasing 'always-on' demand within the sector. 

So, what are the key elements firms need to consider when bringing their customer experience into the new era?


We communicate and collaborate through more channels than ever before, from traditional telephony to web chat, video calling, email, and face-to-face meetings. Every customer will have their own preferred way of making contact, so it is essential that every interaction, across every channel, is of consistently high quality.


The fewer steps a customer must take to access the services they're looking for, the more likely they are to rate the experience as positive. The potential of AI-powered automation in this regard is huge, ensuring customers are put in touch with the best person to help them as quickly as possible, with that person having all the information and tools needed to deliver a successful outcome right at their fingertips.


When it comes to the customer experience, it's the personal touches that turn everyday interactions into ones that inspire loyalty and build brand reputation. The growing volumes of customer data generated each day offers a rich vein of insights into customers' behaviour and preferences, allowing firms to deliver highly targeted marketing and truly bespoke solutions that help them stand out in a competitive market.


Now more than ever, customers demand clear evidence that their data will remain fully secure, both at rest and in transit, and with Government regulations setting out clear standards of security and resilience firms must adhere to, robust cyber security is not a 'nice to have' - it is essential. 

A new breed of technology infrastructure for finance

Of course, if firms are to lead the way in terms of embracing these opportunities, they must be ready to implement the underlying technologies that will power them, while providing ample scope for future growth and innovation.

This means a holistic approach to technology strategies is required. Connectivity, communications, Cloud transformation, and cyber security must all be brought together as intelligently integrated solution wraps. Exponential-e is already working with leading financial firms in this regard, laying the digital foundations for the new customer experience, delivering tailored solutions that support the sector's unique requirements. 

Reduce complexity, increase speed and reliability

Exponential-e is a trusted technology partner for organisations across the Finance sector, offering innovative solutions that drive security, compliance and optimal performance at all levels.

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