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Fostering a culture of dev-ops

Alistair Doran, DevOps Consultant at Exponential-e, speaks to Global Security Mag, discussing the importance of adopting a software development team w...

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Paulo Henriques, Head of Cyber Security at Exponential-e, speaks to Technology Dispatch about the steps businesses need to take to ensure their infras...

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What is the ‘worst-case’ scenario for power blackouts this winter?

Head of Sales at Vysiion, Michael Grimshaw, speaks to Metro on the threat of power blackouts, the organisations that could be affected by gas supply s...

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Solving the Culture Conundrum in Software Engineering

Dev Ops Consultant at Exponential-e, Alistair Doran, write for 'Tech Native', discussing Software engineering and the cultural changes needed to move ...

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Danger, bots at work: the risk of botnets for businesses

Paulo Henriques, Head of Cyber Security Operations at Exponential-e, writes for 'Global Banking and Finance', discussing the cyber security steps busi...

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What is the modern day CISO prioritising as cyber-risks continue to surge?

Chief Innovation office at Exponential-e, Jonathan Bridges, speaks to 'Intelligent Ciso' about the importance of having a robust cyber security plan i...

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Cyber-Security: What’s in store for 2023?

Head of Cyber-Security Operations at Exponential-e, Paulo Henriques, speaks to 'Information Security Buzz' about Ransomware attacks and the steps busi...

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Data Privacy Week: Cyber and data privacy experts share their views.

Tom Richardson, Cloud Sales Specialist for Media at Exponential-e, speaks to Technology Dispatch about the importance of protecting sensitive data by ...

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What can banks do to better protect themselves and their customers?

Enterprise Sales Consultant at Exponential-e, Luke Armstrong, writes for Intelligent Fin.Tech, discussing the use of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)...

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Science for the everyman

Head of Public Sector at Exponential-e, David Lozdan, speaks to City AM about the investments in data-driven digital healthcare and how this is effect...

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UK government releases ‘urgently needed’ cyber resilience strategy for the NHS

Exponential-e's Chief Innovation Officer, Jonathan Bridges, speaks to Tech Monitor about the difficulty surrounding the Healthcare sector when conside...

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International Women’s Day – How can we encourage and retain women in tech?

Amy Springford, Director of Client Relations at Exponential-e, speaks to SheCanCode, discussing the importance of inclusivity in the workplace and how...

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Budget provides boost for medtech industry

Afshin Attari, Exponential-e's Director of Public Sector and Unified Platforms, speaks to BBH, discussing the importance of technology-enabled efficie...

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Innovating Cyber-Security – Cyber risk management

Chief Innovation Officer at Exponential-e, Jonathan Bridges, writes for Teiss, discussing the increased cyber-attacks we are seeing and how organisati...

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NCSC hackers for hire comments: air tight strategy required to keep business safe

Jonathan Bridges, CIO at Exponential-e, speaks to Global Security Mag, about the rise of 'hackers to hire', the risks this poses to organisations and ...

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How to beat nation state ransomware attackers at their own game – Defending against sophisticated ransomware attacks

Our own Jonathan Bridges, CIO, writes for Tech Radar, discussing nation state attacks and the risks businesses are left vulnerable to without the righ...

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How four technology uses could transform the public sector

Afshin Attari, Director of Public Sector and Unified Platforms, writes for 'Government Transformation Magazine' discussing the four core technologies ...

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Applying the Science and Technology Framework to the healthcare industry

Head of Public Sector at Exponential-e, David Lozdan, writes for 'Open Access Government', discussing the investment the Government has committed to t...

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Defending Your Organization Against Ransomware

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Jonathan Bridges, writes for 'Security Boulevard' about the importance of understanding and preparing for ransomware att...

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Breaking the blockbusters: Why the entertainment industry is a supreme cyber target

Media and Broadcast lead at Exponential-e, Tom Richardson, writes for 'Global Security Mag' on Cyber Security within the Media sector and how these bu...

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