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Coronavirus Lockdown: The Digital Workspace in action


With the current global situation, the past week has shown the importance of being able to create the Digital Workspace to provide flexible working solutions for your workforce. 

I decided to write a blog around how Microsoft's Teams, a Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution, has enabled my productivity to not slip despite the whole of my team now having to work from home thanks to Coronavirus.

We (the Marketing team) had our very first daily video call conference on Microsoft Teams, giving us the opportunity to collaborate and discuss our work with each other. This led to me suggesting that we should create a blog based on some of the content from our Transformation of Teamwork eBook, focusing on how businesses can create the Digital Workspace during the Coronavirus pandemic. Jay, our Product Marketing Manager, booked in a call in my diary to discuss this idea further.


Jay then rang me on Microsoft Teams and we started our virtual meeting. I shared my screen with him to show him the eBook, so that we could then discuss content ideas for the blog. This was of course after we got our five-minute discussion on the impending Coronavirus situation out of the way – seriously, what did we used to talk about before this happened!


After coming to an agreement about the blog, Jay and I finished our video call and I started writing. Within an hour, I had already cut out the meeting hierarchy process and made key decisions with Jay about the content of the blog. Not only would this have taken much longer had we needed to arrange a face-to-face meeting that fitted around both our diaries, but would have proven much more challenging when discussing the content of various references without the screen-sharing ability.


Whilst on a coffee break Teams video call with my team (yes, we really did do this!) I was broken the news by one of my colleagues that Glastonbury 2020 had been cancelled. Although this was just another thing to add to the current disaster going on, I was able to discuss this with my team as if I was sitting next to them in the office, except this time it was on-screen. 


I send over the blog to Jay via Teams to get his opinion on it. 


Jay finishes reviewing the blog and sends it back to me. As the document was in the file section of our chat, he was able to easily make edits to the same document. I was then able to open this document and see his edits, making the edit and review process simpler. 


After some final edits, the blog has been completed in just three and a half hours! Despite working from home alone, my productivity has not decreased, and I have not felt alone with my work because of the social interactions Microsoft Teams has enabled me to make with my team. I have been able to work collaboratively with Jay in our virtual meetings and have been able to receive feedback quickly by cutting out the email process. This UCaaS platform has helped me to create a Digital Workspace at home so my normal workflow is not interrupted and business as usual can continue.

If you would like more information about our Microsoft Teams UCaaS solution, then click here.

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