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Re-connecting society – improving prosperity, sustainability, and wellbeing through local connectivity infrastructure partnerships


Policymakers have now recognised that world-class digital connectivity and fast internet connections are as essential to the future of the society now as ports, railways, airports, and highways were throughout the last two centuries. Those systems transformed the way people lived and worked, irrevocably changing human conceptions of distance, speed, and time.

Today, in the same spirit, digital technology is fundamentally transforming every aspect of the way we access work, entertainment, commerce, learning, healthcare and public services. This transformation is also a key component of our drive towards a net-zero future, through flexible working, smart real estate and digital public services.

The role of digital connectivity

Digital connectivity infrastructure – such as full-fibre and 5G – is of strategic importance to all cities, regions, and countries because of its ability to accelerate economic growth in all sectors, enhance social and cultural development, and facilitate innovation. Widespread, affordable access can contribute to productivity and growth via applications that promote efficiency, innovation, and social cohesion. In the long term, all this will benefit business, the public sector, and citizens alike.

Unlocking investment, driving innovation

It is sometimes overlooked that the public sector is the UK's largest investor in telecommunications technology. By leveraging this spend, it is possible for the public sector to influence investment in technological innovation, making it possible to develop a next-generation infrastructure strategy for whole cities and regions. For example, by aggregating and committing long term WAN expenditure this can be used as an anchor tenant to influence investment in local full fibre, by building local connectivity partnerships that stimulate innovation, competition and investment.

Not only that, by incorporating multiple stakeholders, it is possible to aggregate not only investment, but also demand, to further encourage economies of scale. This helps ensure that any digital infrastructure platform will be agile and flexible enough to enable the fast deployment of many different use cases and outcomes, whilst also providing the means for data sources to securely connect to each other. This helps provide meaningful insights that can be utilised to build better services, safer places and more sustainable platforms.

How can Exponential-e help you deliver flexible connectivity infrastructure partnerships?

Bringing applied innovation to the telecoms market is nothing new for Exponential-e. The company was founded on the desire to provide customers with the same flexible, cost-effective, and scalable ethernet-based connectivity between sites that they enjoyed within them.

Twenty years on, the UK telecoms market is undergoing a new period of transformation. The increase in full-fibre is allowing local, campus-type networks to be extended across a regional area, further extending the flexibility, visibility, and scalability that only local area networks have previously enjoyed. This, combined with the ability to utilise the latest software-defined and zero-touch network models, provides organisations with the unrivalled speed of delivery for new services. This is crucial to unlocking true benefits for Citizens.

As a carrier and integrator, with a flexible approach to local partnerships, Exponential-e is well suited to exploring new delivery models and approaches. Now, as twenty years ago, we are ready to work with Local Authorities, in order to harness innovation to provide a range of benefits.

Lower cost, disruption and complexity
Through our carrier grade network, we provide a flexible range of services, including full fibre, leased lines, broadband and mobile, using a range of infrastructure partners. This helps avoid the cost and disruption of overbuilding new fibre. By building local digital connectivity partnerships this helps aggregate demand, encouraging the open competition that will drive innovation and unlock investment in full fibre deployment.
Secure networks by design
By combining our multi-service carrier network, together with our enterprise LAN & WiFi and Cloud solutions we can create a single, secure and scalable end-to-end digital connectivity fabric for your City or Region. We align to NCSC principles and can add protection, encryption, universal threat management, filtered Internet and our 24 x 7 Cyber Security Operations Centre to help keep your service, assets, critical systems and Citizen data safe.

Scalable, flexible and sustainable
Our approach provides the platform for future innovation, so that new services and use cases can be added quickly and effectively without the need for dedicated hardware, systems and infrastructure, reducing carbon footprint. Whether it is enabling IoT, Smart City and 5G, or delivering the ubiquitous connectivity that supports flexible working, agile real estate, increased visitor footfall or improved healthcare, we provide the flexible infrastructure that supports it.

If you would like to discuss anything we've looked at here in greater depth, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a deep dive into your connectivity challenges, where we will explore how the latest connectivity infrastructure partnerships can help your city or region.
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