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Balancing safety, security, and unforgettable welcomes in the Pub of the Future


Like many longstanding institutions, Britain's world-renowned pubs are undergoing their own digital transformation journey, utilising leading-edge technologies to offer truly personalised experiences to patrons of all ages and backgrounds - from longstanding regulars visiting for their usual pint, to families looking for a meal, and young professionals working on the go. It's an exciting time for the sector as a whole, but at the same time, the drive for modernisation must not come at the expense of patrons' safety and enjoyment.

A recent survey revealed that in light of recent negative publicity about the safety of pubs and clubs in the post-lockdown world - particularly for young women - the public expect licensed premises to have robust measures in place to maintain a safe environment. Fortunately, technology has a lot to offer here, providing pub owners and landlords with the tools they need to ensure every patron enjoys a great night out, every time…

Smart technology, safer pubs

So-called 'smart' technology, where physical and digital systems are seamlessly and securely integrated to create real-time flows of actionable data has established itself across a range of sectors in recent years - from manufacturing, to transport, retail, and hospitality. Numerous organisations have already used this technology to establish new standards of operational efficiency and drive true data-driven decision-making at all levels, but you may well ask what its applications could possibly be for the pub…

Well, consider the humble CCTV camera, something that every pub will already have on-premises.

The next generation of CCTV cameras are already designed to be deployed as network components of the wider IT infrastructure, with no modifications required. When combined with Cloud storage and leading-edge AI and analytics, CCTV moves from a physical security measure to a powerful tool developing more efficient, more effective processes for maintaining security and safety.

When the data generated by CCTV cameras, security installations, and monitoring equipment is collated, combined with the wider volumes of data generated on-site on a daily basis, as well as information from security teams and pub-watch schemes - such as Best Bar None - AI and machine learning tools can be used to identify patterns of antisocial behaviour and trigger automated alerts. Upon receiving these, security officers can immediately take pre-emptive action before a situation is allowed to escalate, ensuring patrons and staff alike remain safe and continue to enjoy their evenings.  
This also makes sharing footage with authorities far easier, should it ever be required, even if a significant amount of time has passed since an incident (if it is required as evidence in court, for instance). The affordability and inherent scalability of modern Cloud storage solutions means that data can be retained as long as is necessary, in line with any applicable data protection regulations, without becoming an onerous financial burden. Furthermore, this frees staff of the need to manually burn footage onto a DVD when the authorities request it, as was often the case with legacy systems.

Taking the next step…

With this foundation in place, the 'smart infrastructure' concept can be extended further, to other areas of pubs' day-to-day operations - both out front and behind the scenes. For example, sensors can be utilised to monitor stocktaking, cleaning, maintenance, door entry, and even supply chains, ensuring policies and processes are adhered to, and opening up opportunities for automation, where appropriate.

The potential of these new technologies is truly enormous, so to take the first step, and start exploring how we can optimise your own pub's security ecosystem, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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