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Be prepared: optimising cyber security in an increased threat landscape


In light of recent geopolitical events, and the increased threat to corporate infrastructure, organisations across the UK must assume that they will be forced to contend with a cyber-attack in the near future and prepare accordingly. Indeed, the NCSC has already set out its own guidance to help organisations bolster their defences, which we strongly advise you to read and implement.

While most organisations will already have some form of cyber security strategy and established processes in place, in the turbulence of the current climate, it is imperative to review each element of your security posture and ensure that you are well-positioned to not only weather any current threats but rapidly pivot in response to new attack vectors.

The first step to understanding your cyber security strengths and weaknesses

Regular vulnerability scans, where security experts mimic the strategies commonly used by cybercriminals to identify weaknesses - be they minor or critical - that could be exploited, are essential in the current climate. With hybrid working now firmly established, and more employees connecting remotely to corporate networks than ever before, hackers have already demonstrated they are ready and willing to take advantage of any potential vulnerabilities. With such attacks sure to increase in frequency and intensity in the months ahead, regular scans help minimise the risk of a serious breach and provide a clear roadmap for developing a more secure infrastructure.

In particular, ensure the latest patches are installed at the earliest opportunity, automating the process wherever possible. New patches are likely to be released with increasing frequency, as new threats emerge, so minimise the risk of human error (still the root cause of 95% of successful cyber-attacks) leading to breaches by ensuring patches are installed automatically - whether employees are connecting remotely, or at the office.

Being prepared for anything

While it is hard, if not impossible, to predict how the coming months will unfold, a proactive, well-considered approach to cyber security will allow you, your staff, and your customers to retain some measure of peace of mind when it comes to the security of your data. For this reason, we would strongly advise you to supplement your internal expertise with the guidance of an external cyber security expert, who can supervise your vulnerability scans and ensure the resulting reports present clear, actionable points for improvement, all drawn from the very latest threat intelligence.

To schedule a complementary vulnerability scan with our own Cyber Security team, contact us today.

Cyber Security Capabilities

Monitoring, management and testing are vital to maintaining a robust cyber security posture.

Read our comprehensive guide to understand how our Cyber Security eco-system can help protect your organisation from the latest cyber threats. 

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