The future of CSOC: Threat Intelligence


Organisations generate millions of system logs every day from the likes of servers, firewalls and network devices. Their ability to process, analyse and react to this information affects how they will manage any security risks and incidents. To help process this data, many organisations implement a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) system or outsource to a Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) for their monitoring, which provides a real-time analysis of security alerts.

However, one limitation of SIEM monitoring is that it is not future-proof. With hackers changing their approach regularly to catch organisations out with new malware, SIEM monitoring should be looking into the future to help organisations predict how they will be targeted. Instead, SIEM monitoring only provides after-effect support to security threats.

So, what does the future of SIEM monitoring look like? Exponential-e believes SIEM monitoring should be combined with threat intelligence. Threat intelligence helps to form an overall picture of security threats through the identification of trends, patterns, and emerging threats and risks in the market to provide organisations with a timely warning. Ultimately, this allows organisations to prevent or take-action against cyber attacks by looking into the future and predicting how they will be attacked.

Exponential-e is striving towards creating the next generation of SIEM monitoring that includes both threat intelligence and vulnerability management (testing your firewall, endpoints, applications and user behaviour before you are compromised to discover any vulnerabilities).

For more information about the next generation of SIEM monitoring, watch the video below featuring Mark Belgrove, our Head of Cyber Consultancy.

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