Award of Once for London aggregated procurement

Award of Once for London aggregated procurement

Exponential‐e secures multi‐million‐pound Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) award for London

Exponential‐e has been successful in securing prime supplier position in the HSCN aggregated procurement for London, known as 'Once for London'. The award will provide in excess of 3,300 HSCN connectivity and associated services across 60 health authorities in North West, South East, and South West London.

It will facilitate the provision of improved network services, delivering real value for money and savings against current spend to the London health community.

Customer commitments will be for a period of 3‐5 years and have the potential to add up to £11m - £16m of incremental revenues. Exponential‐e expects to deliver between £1m and £3m of revenue from this aggregated procurement in the first year of the term and expects this to increase over the life of the agreement, as services are mobilised and rolled‐out across North West, South East, and South West London.

Afshin Attari, Director of Public Sector at Exponential‐e, says:

"We are proud to have been awarded this aggregated procurement. HSCN has the ability to effectively relieve pressure on hundreds of health and care organisations that have been reliant on ageing network infrastructure. It is also the chief enabling platform for new technologies and services, empowering the public sector with more choice. We're looking forward to helping the London health community to drive innovative thinking across the Health and Social Care Sector, relieving the NHS of the confines of a legacy network in the process. Not only will this make each patient's experience better, but also it will ultimately save lives."

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