A roundtable discussion on 5G, Brexit and frameworks


Our Public Sector Director Afshin Attari recently sat down with Innopsis's Lynne Magennis and Michael Bowyer for a roundtable discussion on frameworks in the Public Sector.

Topics including whether the Network Services 2 framework is right for the sector, the implications of Brexit on frameworks, and whether we really need 5G. You can listen to the discussion on the Innopsis website now.

Exponential-e will be attending the Public Sector Network Summit being held in London and Leeds in September. With around 200 technology and network professionals from across the Public Sector (including the NHS) attending, there will be presentations, discussions, case-studies and networking opportunities. These activities will all be themed around the potential there is for the Public Sector to use networks and connectivity to its benefit, and the need there is to secure this technology against threats.

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