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ODUM Research - A leader in financial strategies embraces Cloud transformation

A leader in financial strategies embraces Cloud transformation

About Odum Research

Odum Research creates pricing, risk, and execution strategies for a wide range of financial market challenges - particularly around crypto derivatives - drawing on leading-edge technology and the collective experience and expertise of their own financial experts.


Keen to embrace the possibilities offered by the Cloud when it came to the development of effective trading strategies, Odum were clear that they would begin their digital transformation journey with a strong knowledge base, working with a technology partner who could provide a rigorous, honest assessment of the current digital landscape, identify the hidden opportunities available, and design and deliver a Cloud infrastructure that would provide Odum's teams with maximum control and visibility over their entire estate, freeing internal IT teams to focus on service quality, while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.


Following a thorough evaluation of Exponential-e's capabilities and experience working with financial organisations and their highly specific cyber security requirements, Odum selected Exponential-e as their new technology partner. This involved a series of in-depth meetings between teams from both companies - including both consultants and technical specialists from Exponential-e - in order to develop a bespoke solution wrap that would not only suit Odum's immediate requirements, but also provide ample scope to scale and evolve in response to future shifts in the digital landscape.

As part of the wider cyber security ecosystem, the decision was made to utilise the Okta platform to manage user authentications and ensure all financial data would be handled in line with all applicable regulations. Exponential-e supported the roll-out of the platform, ensuring it would be properly integrated with the wider infrastructure.

This close cooperation between teams proved crucial to the success of the final deployment, with Exponential-e's consultants working closely with Odum's own IT specialists to ensure the move to the Cloud and rollout of the Okta platform was achieved with zero disruption to day-to-day operations - vital in the fast-moving financial markets - and without compromising security or compliance.

As a result, Odum are now equipped with the technology and expertise to fully embrace the Cloud, utilising cutting-edge technology to drive ever more innovative financial strategies that help maintain their edge in a dynamic, constantly evolving sector.

Solution benefits

The support from Exponential-e made all the difference when it came to getting things up and running. We were able to make use of everything more or less straight away, and I was able to sleep a bit more easily knowing our security was all in order.

Jack Concanon, Head of Technology, Odum Research
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