Student-focused IT solutions for the education sector


Technology is omnipresent in young people's lives and is opening up new channels of learning across the education sector, with pupils, students and staff utilising Cloud and video calling platforms both in and out of the classroom.

At the same time, cyber security is evolving at a rapid pace to answer ongoing concerns about pupils' safety online and the integrity of confidential data - concerns that have become even more critical with the move towards remote learning and virtual classrooms. Our full range of solutions provides schools, colleges and universities with the means to ease this transition to new ways of learning, ensuring IT infrastructure continues to put learning at the centre of everything, while meeting all compliance requirements and enabling more effective use of the available budgets.

Please explore these case studies for examples of what we have already achieved for customers across the education sector, helping them sustain their profitability and growth while keeping the learning experience at the centre of everything.

Exponential‐e provided Royal Holloway with the ideal platform for remote learning, offering seamless communication and collaboration between staff and students. About Royal Holloway, University of Lon...
Resilient WAN with fast connectivity, hosted voice and VPN access; providing faster communication and collaboration between sites.  About Abercorn School  Established in 1987, Abercorn Schoo...
Claremont High School Academy improves learning and saves on infrastructure costs. Faster access for staff and students to online resources. About Claremont High School Academy Claremont High School A...

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