Cyber breach prevention


With cyber breaches growing in volume and frequency (Carbon Black reported that 88% of UK organisations suffered a breach in 2018) you can guarantee that your organisation will be targeted by cybercriminals at some point.

The after-effects of a breach can be devastating for your organisation, not only do they destroy your once trusted reputation, but you will lose valuable customers, face severe financial losses and have to report the breach to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) resulting in a hefty fine.

However, at Exponential-e, we help you look to the future with pre-breach preparation, as well as having the skills and capability to react quickly to breaches, helping to minimise the damage they cause and ultimately aiding to keep your organisation's credible reputation. 

Our Head of Cyber Consultancy, Mark Belgrove, discusses in more detail how Exponential-e can help your organisation be prepared for security breaches in this video:

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