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Why learning and development have always been fundamental parts of life at Exponential-e


Attracting top talent is just part of the picture when it comes to building a thriving, successful organisation. If employees are to achieve their full potential in both their professional and personal lives, it is essential to nurture their talents and cultivate the skills that will help them progress along their chosen career paths. 

This is something that has always been a key part of Exponential-e's overall l'espirit de corps. Indeed, all new starters enjoy a four-day induction programme to ensure they can make a running start at Exponential-e, immersing them in both our solutions and company culture.

But that's just the beginning…

Cutting-edge technology to power cutting-edge training

We employ a full-time Learning & Development team, who focus on creating and delivering bespoke training in response to the current trends and impending changes in both our industry and the wider digital landscape. These programmes are delivered through our own learning management system, Edison, allowing our employees to study at their own time, at their own pace, whether they are connecting from home, the office, or on the move. All workshops are recorded, for the benefit of anyone unable to attend at the scheduled time, and to help us develop a comprehensive library of high-quality training material. These in-house resources are supplemented by the LinkedIn Learning licenses that are provided to every employee.

In addition to utilising our training modules on a regular basis, all employees are encouraged to take up to four study days per year to focus on their personal development, for which we may offer a financial contribution towards external training that will prove beneficial to them. Furthermore, since 2018, we have partnered with an external learning partner to deliver our sales training programmes and Management Academy, in order to identify and develop the next generation of leaders, which has led to us sponsoring several employees as they begin a master's degree apprenticeship at Cranfield University.

Helping teams continue to excel in the 'new normal'

While it is a constant source of pleasure and pride to see employees grow and thrive throughout the course of our various training modules, but it was throughout 2020 and the rise of COVID-19 that the true value of a flexible, engaging, and effective training model revealed itself. With numerous organisations cutting costs, rethinking their IT infrastructure, and moving to remote working at a scale that would previously have been unthinkable, it was imperative that our teams would be able to support both new and longstanding customers and partners in overcoming the challenges involved.

To ensure our teams were equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they would need on a day-to-day basis throughout this transitional period, a series of tailored workshops were set up, ensuring our well-established, cornerstone solutions and newest innovations could effectively support the new way of working, without compromising performance, security, or usability, and with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

By equipping our teams with this knowledge, we were not only able to weather the challenges of the pandemic ourselves, but also support other organisations across the UK in doing the same, allowing them to protect the wellbeing of their own employees while continuing to seamlessly deliver their services to customers and end users. 

The success of the programme was later acknowledged at the 2021 Princess Royal Training Awards, where Exponential-e were acknowledged for our commitment to delivering world-class training for the fifth time.

Above all, these successes demonstrate that while change is inevitable, and may come in the most unexpected forms, the industry heroes of tomorrow will ensure organisations can not just overcome the resulting challenges, but continue to thrive and innovate, provided they are properly supported and provided with the resources they need. With this philosophy in place, training moves from a matter of cultivating individual talent to ensuring the future success and resilience of entire sectors.

To find out more about learning and development at Exponential-e, visit our careers page.

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