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Celebrating inspirational women across the Tech industry


With the Tech industry celebrating International Women in Engineering last week, a new study of women in tech has found that:

Over half (57%) of women feel burned out at work this year, compared to just over a third (36%) of men
Women are nearly twice as likely as men to have lost their jobs or been furloughed due to the pandemic

So, how can we overcome this gender inequality in the Tech sector, which has only grown throughout the pandemic?

Attracting more talented women to the Tech industry

It should be noted that the recognition of the value of women in Tech is improving. Engineering and Tech teams recognise now that teams are stronger for having women in them. Therefore, woman could be the answer to the current skills gap. A career in STEM offers women the opportunity to easily work across many different sectors because their skills are high in demand and versatile. With a career in Engineering being well suited to those that enjoy problem solving and creativity, even offering women the opportunity to explore the world by travelling and working internationally. But how do we encourage women to explore a career in Tech to begin with?

Firstly, we need women to have female role models to look up to. Not all these necessarily have to come from the Tech industry, as it's beneficial for young girls to draw inspiration from female accomplishments in all walks of life. However, as more women enter tech fields and land high-ranking roles, this will encourage more young girls to enter the industry by being able to envision themselves in those roles and work towards them. This, in turn, will help to slowly diminish the gender imbalance by building more supportive environments, with numerous inspiring individuals for women to look up to.

Cultivating the next generation of Tech leaders

Women must be made to feel their ambition will be matched by their progress. In environments where trust and respect are served, women will be more confident to pursue the next steps in the career. Women should be encouraged and given the opportunity to grow and expand their skillset. As Clair Griffin, Projects Director at Vysiion, part of the Exponential-e Group, explains:

"With a widening digital skills gap, especially in cyber security, the opportunities on offer should be made available for everyone. Online training courses have become more readily available over the past year, making it easier to extend existing skills and develop new ones. To increase digital knowledge, organisations need to recognise aligned skills, encouraging women from different areas of the business into more technical roles."

Finally, companies have a responsibility to make sure their female employees feel celebrated. They can achieve this by giving them access to key decision-making roles in the business and celebrating events like International Women in Engineering Day. This ensures that businesses are doing everything to ensure they are creating a gender-diverse environment for their employees, where women feel championed.

Ultimately, we are hopeful the current gender imbalance can be addressed soon.

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