• Enable business anywhere with 4G Mobile Connectivity.

  • Benefit from the best 4G Connectivity, with 97% UK coverage.

4G Mobile Connectivity

Enable Business Anywhere

Don’t let wires tie you down, instead ensure you can run your business from any location. Gain the flexible Internet experience that wireless Connectivity gives modern business with the biggest 4G Network in the UK and leading services from Exponential-e. Use 4G for simple Internet access or to connect directly to Exponential-e’s Network for your WAN services.

Enable Business Anywhere with 4G Mobile Connectivity.

Why Choose Exponential-e

Network excellence

We provide the Network expertise that you can rely on to drive your business growth.

Simple and Easy Deployment

A fully managed and configured router can be shipped to site to ensure Connectivity, without waiting for the installation of a physical infrastructure. We make it easy to connect your multiple sites to central applications.

Leading Support from the Network Experts

We enable diverse options for integrated Connectivity to support different business services. We can also advise on signal strength and establish the best location for your CPE.

Support Hard to Reach Sites

Supporting hard to reach sites can make installation difficult, get your site up and running with ease and without the headaches that physical infrastructure deployments present.

Rapid Deployment for Speedy Connection

We can get your site connected within days, providing short-term access to support the specific business needs of your site. This can also help to overcome tight timeframes and last minute challenges while you wait for your physical connection to be installed.

4G for Business Continuity

For a reliable and cost-effective backup, diversify your connectivity with 4G. 4G backup is designed to complement your existing fixed line connection (ADSL, FTTC and Ethernet up-to 10Mbps) without having to install additional wires.

Secure Connections

Secure Internet to VPLS connection by using IPsec tunnelling over the Internet. This ensures security of data, while our Network expertise gives you added insight to how to further secure your Connectivity.


The EE 4G Network is the biggest in the UK, covering 97% of the population, so you’ll have the best 4G coverage wherever you are.


Don't just take our word for it

Allport Cargo Services

"As well as a reliable and secure infrastructure, we required proactive support in ensuring our Network provided the business benefits we were seeking. Our day to day business requires a Network that will scale with the business and effectively support our business processes."

Paul Duke - IT Manager, Allport.