Cloud Storage (S4)

S4: Simple, Secure, Scalable, Sovereign

How our S4 solution out performs the market

Exponential-e’s S4 is 30% cheaper than Amazon’s S3 (with no other charges and all payments in sterling thus no currency fluctuations).

Please review the below feature and cost comparison to see at a glance how we perform against the rest of the industry

  Exponential-e Cloud Storage (S4)Exponential-e Google CloudGoogle Amazon Web ServicesAmazon
Cost GBP / GB Cost GBP / GB 3.3p 4.5p 4.22p
Additional IO Costs Additional Egress Charge 0.0p 1.0p 1.2p
Geo-Tagging Geo-Tagging YES NO NO
Archiving Included Archiving Included YES NO NO
Big Data Onboarding Big Data Onboarding YES NO NO
Support Charges Support Charges NO YES YES

*Based on 200,000 Get Requests, 20,000 Put Requests, and 150GB of data transfer egress each month.

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30-day free trial* available with up to 1TB of Cloud Storage, unlimited Get and Put request, via HTTPS access.

What is Cloud Storage (S4)?

Exponential-e's low cost Cloud Storage solution (S4) is a multi-purpose, software defined object storage solution that will take your business to the next level and lower your operational costs with unmatched storage efficiency, resiliency and simplicity. Built from the ground up to support multiple protocols, our low cost storage solution - S4 - simplifies storage for traditional as well as next-generation workloads with global access and protection.

Disruptive technology trends such as Cloud, Big Data, mobile and social media are redefining the way we work and live and are revolutionising the application landscape. With the adoption of Public and Private Cloud technology, organisations are continually looking for more efficient storage solutions to manage today’s hyperscale growth.

Exponential-e's low cost Cloud Storage solution (S4) provides a complete object storage infrastructure designed to meet the requirements of a new generation of IT workloads. Regardless of the size of your organisation, Exponential-e's solution brings simplicity and scale of Public and Private Cloud services to anyone - with the trust, reliability and support you expect from Exponential-e. Our solution (branded as S4) is optimised for workloads that have unique data access requirements, such as Cloud and Big Data.

What does S4 mean?


  • Simplifying Storage Complexity.
  • Single Namespace.
  • Universal Accessibility.


  • Secure Multi-tenancy.
  • At Rest and Transfer Encryption.
  • Data Sovereignty.


  • Cloud Scalability - for both raw capacity and sustained performance.
  • Hardware Agnostic Scalability.
  • Scalable Management.


  • UK Data Sovereignty - Every element of our service runs through our UK-based, privately owned Network and Data Centres.
  • Private, Secure Access - Data never leaves the Network and remains within the UK.

What does our Cloud Storage Solution (S4) Provide?

Flexible Cloud Storage Services: a single storage solution that supports unlimited workloads and applications with geographic protection, detailed metering, a self-service management portal and unlimited scale-out flexibility.

Comprehensive Accessibility: support for Block, Object, NFS and HDFS protocols on a single, globally accessible, highly available platform.

Big Data Performance: a powerful HDFS data service that makes the entire storage solution available for Big Data analytics and information-based application environments.

‘Internet of Things’ Cloud Storage Solution: offers an efficient ‘IoT’ architecture for unstructured data collection and analysis at massive scale. In addition, it establishes an ideal data lake foundation for organisations, maximising user data with its powerful HDFS service, making data analytics a production reality for organisations of any size.

We are now able to offer you enhanced solutions to underpin your Big Data strategies, thanks to our Cloud Storage partnership with EMC. Through the deployment of EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) across all of our Tier 3 UK based Data Centres, and combined with our superfast private Cloud Connectivity, we can provide you with access to low cost storage that guarantees your data remains within the UK.

Why we chose to partner with EMC

The choice of EMC technology to underpin the solution is an extension of our existing Cloud service provider partnership. The main benefit we can offer to our customers is the ability to digitise high value data so that it can be safely stored and quickly accessed with the appropriate controls in place. We are offering a unique combination of price and performance by using our wholly-owned 100Gig Ethernet core Network to allow customers to benefit from low cost storage services and removes the concern of issues around exploding egress charges.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help your organisation with its data strategy, or to speak with a data expert, simply contact us and we will be in contact with you.


*Free trials are subject to additional terms and conditions which are outlined in Appendix A of Exponential-e’s Standard Terms and Conditions.