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Inbound Call Management

Inbound Call Management - prioritising your customers


Providing good customer service by handling inbound calls efficiently is critical to all organisations. Putting callers on hold for too long or transferring callers to the incorrect department may not only damage your company’s reputation but also impact your company's overall profit figures.

Effectively manage inbound calls

In contrast to conventional ISDN lines, Inbound Call Management enables businesses to be more flexible, operate more efficiently and provide a better customer experience. Exponential-e's Inbound Call Management service is designed to ensure calls are answered quickly, efficiently and by the right people. Importantly, it allows you to take advantage of your existing telephony investments whilst benefiting from enhanced inbound call services.

Smart call routing

With our Inbound Call Management service you can easily route inbound telephone numbers, geographic or non-geographic, anywhere on or off your network where you want them - handing you the control and distribution of calls into your business. The service allows you to ensure inbound geographic or non-geographic numbers ring multiple destinations simultaneously (i.e. SIP forking). In addition, answered calls can be routed to the most appropriate part of the organisation using Auto Attendant.

Extending your office to remote locations

Exponential-e also offers remote access solutions that enable remote workers to feel more connected to your organisation by extending the local office LAN alongside the telephone system. These remote access solutions combined with Exponential-e’s Inbound Call Management, can effectively transform how your organisation works.

Calls made to specific numbers can be redirected to the departments nominated by your business, regardless of geography. During peak times, inbound call distribution allows calls to be redirected to other sites that may be underutilised, ensuring you maximise inbound call answering and improve staff efficiency and productivity.