Microsoft Azure
Managed Services

With our Managed Services supporting your Azure
infrastructure, you are free to focus on your business goals

As an experienced Azure managed service provider, we work closely with our customers to help them support and manage their Azure environments, allowing them to focus their attention on their business applications and to modernise their IT environment.

Managing and supporting Microsoft Azure

.Organisations that have undertaken the full management and support of their IT infrastructure through their internal teams and processes soon realise that the rapid changes in the digital ecosystem has meant that they would benefit by working with Azure managed service specialists like Exponential-e.

One of the critical factors when undergoing digital transformation projects of IT estates is to ensure they source and validate key technologies that will support their operations now, but also in the future. Adopting Azure technologies and re-factoring their applications significantly changes the prioritisation of activities that must be completed for the on-going support and maintenance of their IT estate.

While some organisations already have a wealth of experience in Azure, most need to rethink their approach to support and management due to the complexities of introducing a new hosting environment and the architectural and management access differences. Customers also must deploy different approaches to support and manage hybrid cloud environments. Other considerations include changing the majority the systems they monitor, how they self-remediate and the implications on staff, mainly re-training them to the operational standards within the Azure ecosystem.

As a Tier-1 CSP and Gold-level Microsoft partner, we understand that customers are typically part way through a technology transformation programme to underpin their desires to improve operational efficiency.

Meeting your business objectives

Working with an experienced and trusted partner like Exponential-e, organisations choose to either assign or outsource the management and support of their Azure estate to us, ensuring frequent reviews of on-going management and support activities, required to maintain these environments. Our business-outcome focused approach helps organisations gain maximum value from their IT investment in Azure and their hybrid cloud environment and alleviate their resources on the support and management of individual systems or their entire estate.

The Azure platform provides a wide-range of benefits that can be realised through forward-thinking implementations, by working with Exponential-e, organisations benefit from our exposure as a Tier-1 Azure CSP and Gold-level Microsoft partner:</p.

A single supplier providing you with networking, WAN, security, cloud, professional, and managed services.
Great support and assistance provided throughout your usage of Azure.
Added support expertise and reduced SLA levels directly from Microsoft via our Premier Support solution.
Access to a wealth of experienced managed services engineers to help with the support and on-going management of your Azure solutions.
Next generation monitoring, reporting, and management of all key cloud platforms via our CMP.

Why Exponential-e?

Exponential-e is a premier Microsoft MSP that works with and supports our customers through their digital transformation journey, to help them to transform and grow the systems that can be supported. We remain the key partner to work with during all stages of our customers’ Azure transformations, as we help them to:

Microsoft Tier-1 level CSP and a Gold-level Microsoft partner in cloud technologies.

We employ a wealth of Microsoft cloud specialists in pre-sales, managed services, and professional services.

We provide Microsoft Premier Support engineering cover for your Microsoft cloud technologies without charge.

We’re working with our customers to develop end-to-end Azure estates, with customers able to select which components they want to utilise.

We help build and support hybrid customer environments across the world for our customer solutions.

We’ve implemented the solutions for ourselves and make use of it every day.

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