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We work with customers across a range of sectors to deliver Microsoft 365 and Office 365 environments as fully managed services, providing them with a cutting-edge operational IT environment combined with the freedom to focus on business-critical activities.

Why Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services?

Internal IT teams are forced to do more with their available time and resources than ever before, placing a considerable strain on their capabilities and limiting their ability to focus on critical activities. Fully managed services, delivered by a trusted technology partner offer the best of both worlds, allowing organisations to enjoy the full benefits of leading-edge platforms like Microsoft Office 365, without the need to deploy, manage and update them. The result is a secure, scalable, high-performance IT infrastructure that grows with the business.

Microsoft 365 as a fully managed service, powered by Exponential-e

Many organisations that undertake the full management and support of their user workplace estates soon realise that the rapid changes to digital/remote worker ecosystem means that they would better benefit by working with a managed service provider like Exponential-e.

When transforming the IT estates of our customers’ environments to M365 and O365 via our professional services, we frequently review the on-going management and support activities that will be required to maintain these environments.

As a Tier-1 CSP and Gold-level Microsoft partner, we understand that customers are typically part way through a technology transformation programme to underpin their desires to improve operational efficiency.

The M365 overall platform and its components provide customers with a wide range of benefits that can be realised through forward-thinking implementations and by extending the management and support of their estates to Exponential-e. This activity helps them to realise the benefits of partnering with the right provider, while benefitting from our exposure as:

  • A Tier-1 Azure CSP and A Gold-level Microsoft partner.
  • Reduced personal management activities through the implementation and management of M365 automation activities.
  • A provider of Microsoft Premier Support to allow our customers to benefit from Microsoft’s elite teams of M365 and O365 support, with significantly reduced SLA times.
  • The provider of next generation monitoring, reporting, and management of all key cloud platforms via our CMP.

By working closely with our customers, our business-outcome focused approach helps ensure that our customers gain the maximum value from their IT investment in M365 technologies by not having to focus their attention on the support and management of individual systems that would normally provide user workplace estates.

Utilising Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services to achieve your business objectives

Organisations have realised that the continued support and management of day-to-day products and solutions costs more to perform internally than what it does for unique MSPs like Exponential-e to perform. There is a myriad of components that are linked together to simplify the support and security of the M365 platform of products, which add significant extensions to the products that IT teams must maintain and support.

By working with Exponential-e as your Tier-1 M365 CSP, you will benefit from:

A single supplier providing you with networking, WAN, security, cloud, professional, and managed services.
Great support and assistance provided throughout your usage of the full range of M365 products and components.
Support, expertise and reduced SLA levels directly from Microsoft via our Premier Support solution.
Access to a wealth of experienced managed services engineers to help with the support and on-going management of your M365 solutions.
A single bill from us for your IT services across a range of technologies.

The benefits of Microsoft
Office 365 Managed Services

Simplified management

Streamline your own management processes, providing your teams with an extra level of freedom and flexibility.

Why choose Exponential-e as your Office 365 MSP?

Exponential-e is a premier Microsoft MSP that works with and supports our customers through their digital transformation journey, to help them to transform and grow the systems that can be supported, while allowing their internal IT teams to focus on the support and management of key internal business applications and multi-cloud environments. As a result, we remain a trusted partner to work with during all stages of our customers’ M365 product transformations, as we help them to:

identify the services that each user will require and therefore identify what M365 and O365 products are required • minimise the impact and cost of managing and supporting the M365 technologies for end users • effectively and efficiently perform the on-going support and management of their M365 environments and their hybrid cloud estates.

We maintain a Gold-level Microsoft partnership in cloud technologies.

We employ a wealth of Microsoft cloud specialists in pre-sales, managed services, and professional services.

We are a Microsoft Tier-1 level CSP.

We’ve implemented the solutions for ourselves and manage them every day.

We provide Microsoft Premier Support engineering cover for your Microsoft cloud technologies without charge.

We’re working with our customers to develop end-to-end M365 estates, with customers able to select which components they want to utilise.

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