Phishing Awareness Service

Quickly identify and defend against suspicious emails

Employee errors can occur from time to time. Exponential-e helps you to protect your employees,
intellectual property, customer data and brand reputation by providing a Phishing Awareness Service to help mitigate against such risks.

Meeting your business objectives

The probability that companies of all types and sizes will experience a security breach is greater today than it was four years ago. Something needs to change. Despite the most advanced protections that can be put in place, despite the best threat intelligence that can be brought to bear, organisations remain vulnerable because of one key factor: human error. Our Awareness Service will help to increase employee knowledge to help lower the risk of human error.

Protection target: Users


Protection target: Cloud


Service capabilities

Phishing Awareness Training is a security and cyber risk platform that helps organisations reduce breaches caused by employee mistakes.
We combine necessary content with a persistent, non-intrusive training methodology to alter behaviour, improve knowledge, increase retention and lower risk of human error.
Our phishing awareness training is able to evaluate employee’s response to phishing emails and track indicators across the causes of error.
Custom tests can be tailored to organisation's requirements.
The ultimate aim of this training is to reduce human error; teaching employees about common email phishing scams ensures they are more aware of malicious emails.
As employees become more aware of the risks, they are able to flag any unusual email activity, so the company itself becomes less vulnerable.
Email security awareness training for employees can increase compliance.
Reduce the risk of security breaches, ultimately reducing the risk of reputation damage.

Why Exponential-e?

We provide personalised delivery of authentic phishing attacks for training purposes.

Offering simple, intelligent and predictive test methods, to measure employee responses.

Can deliver training 12-15 times a year to ensure relevant content.

We provide a portfolio of our other security offerings to protect businesses.


Diary of a Data Spill

Download our report:
How vulnerable you are: You’ll learn how a CIO can open his business up to untold damage simply by logging into a conference centre’s free WiFi.
How unprepared you are: Read in detail as to the missteps a typical business makes in failing to stop malware in its tracks.
How much it could cost you: You’ll read about a nightmare scenario for any business. Reputational and financial damage on a staggering scale; damage that can be avoided.

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If you are looking for technical support please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

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