Cyber Security Diagnostics

Evaluating your organisation's security position

Our Cyber Security Diagnostic Assessment (CSDA) service evaluates an organisation’s security position, providing a comprehensive understanding of current threats to businesses’ IT security, whilst offering actionable advice to improve cyber security resilience.

Meeting your business objectives

With the increase in cyber security risk, it has become more crucial for businesses to invest in reinforcing their IT security to maintain customer trust and protect company reputation. Organisations must manage their security budgets while addressing specific security gaps within their business to maximise ROI and reduce overspend.

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Protection target: Data


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Protection target: Cloud


Service capabilities

Exponential-e’s CSDA enables organisations of all sizes to quickly and easily assess their security posture and make informed decisions related to their security investments.
Customers undergo an in-depth assessment of their organisation’s IT security to provide an understanding of current threats, while assessing their cyber security profile against industry best practices to fulfil certification requirements.
Expert Cyber Security consultants provide a thorough on-site assessment across the business, including team interviews, to understand the current controls in place and identify gaps in cyber security practices, which may increase risk.
Customers receive a comprehensive report identifying mission critical information assets and providing results of information risk assessments, while evaluating the current approach to risk assessment and offering clear recommendations for improvement.
Our CSDA service will target and prioritise existing cyber security risks, provide practical advice to mitigate these risks and remediate issues, whilst and offering a baseline summary to enable strategic planning of cyber security policies.
Information presented in our CSDA report, also assists with compliance to national and international industry accreditations (e.g. Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001).
CSDA provides a full day on-site with a qualified cyber security consultant, who will assess different areas of the customers’ business throughout the day.
Our CSDA service provides a holistic overview of the maturity of an organisations’ controls around people, processes and technology, to enable the mitigation of imminent risks and to protect business integrity and customer loyalty.

Why Exponential-e?

We are the only UK provider with this type of light touch assessment at a price point affordable for SMEs.

Our team of senior Cyber Security Consultants have approximately 40 years of collective experience and skills to provide detailed, expert advice and drive ROI.

Our experience working closely with the British Standard Institute to achieve and maintain our 9 ISOs, including the coveted ISO 27001 Information Security Management System accreditation.

We are able to provide additional cyber security support through further services including cyber security training for staff, phishing campaigns, and Penetration Testing.

Privately owned CSOC to monitor customer’s entire cyber security estate when choosing Exponential-e as the end to end security provider.

Customer-focused / Net Promoter Score.

Download our Cyber Security Capabilities Brochure

A comprehensive guide to our entire
Cyber Security eco-system.

Cyber Security is real challenge for organisations at all levels, across all sectors, with new threats emerging on a regular basis, putting a considerable strain on internal IT teams. We have designed our Cyber Security eco-system with this in mind, providing your team with the tools and support they need to keep your data protected at all times, freeing you to focus on your core business. Our Security Brochure provides a comprehensive overview of each element of this eco-system – all the information you need make an informed choice about which solutions are right for your teams, your data and your customers.

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