Complete IT Infrastructure Assessment

Scanning your business’ IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities

As your business grows, so does your IT infrastructure. Our Complete IT Infrastructure Assessment
scans your entire infrastructure for vulnerabilities, ensuring your cyber security posture keeps pace with an evolving threat landscape.

What is an IT Infrastructure Assessment?

With a Complete IT Infrastructure Assessment from Exponential-e, one of our experts will closely evaluate every aspect of your IT ecosystem (both internal and external), including hardware, network, company policies (including remote working and BYOD), cyber security, storage and back-ups, Cloud, and business continuity/disaster recovery measures. Based on this, they will deliver a comprehensive report, setting out all areas for potential improvement and optimisation, and providing hands-on support to ensure they are properly executed. This will enhance the performance, security, and operational resilience of your IT infrastructure, along with delivering tangible cost savings.

Developing an IT infrastructure that supports your business objectives

As organisations evolve, the growth of their IT infrastructure will naturally pick up speed, opening up a new range of potential security threats. The availability of Cloud services, increased capacity and throughput of the hardware on physical or virtual servers, and different teams creating services on the same platform are all factors that must be considered as part of an effective cyber security strategy. A comprehensive IT Infrastructure Assessment, conducted by an experienced cyber security expert, helps mitigate these risks.

Protection target: Users


Protection target: Data


Protection target: Devices


Protection target: Network


Protection target: Applications


Protection target: Cloud


Benefits of a Complete IT Infrastructure Assessment

Optimise cyber security

Understand the latest threats and ensure every area of your IT infrastructure has been secured against them, for complete peace of mind.

Service capabilities

Our Internal and External Infrastructure scanning service helps recognise vulnerabilities which customers may not have known existed. This is a key strategy for maintaining a smooth-running business, while providing a high-quality platform for the customer to monitor both the internal and external structures.
These servers seek out internal and external vulnerabilities like a hacker would.
The tools provide an in-depth analysis of exactly where the risks lie, on what server or application and where on the network.
Reports are produced to show the current state of risk from the infrastructure.
The ultimate goal of our complete infrastructure assessment service is to identify the risk exposure of cyber assets in an organisation.
During the process, all network devices and services that could be a source of vulnerabilities, are addressed appropriately.
Our consultants can review the company’s security processes and artefacts, to then design a new architecture that is able to mitigate risks, reduce operating costs and enable new business drivers and opportunities.

Why Exponential-e?

Our consultants are equipped to talk customers through the reporting process, to ensure any complicated results can be simply translated.

We are able to absorb the contents of the reports produced, to then respond with appropriate solutions and remediation process to improve an organisations security stance.

Exponential-e can overlap multiple security solutions; to minimise vulnerabilities by adopting appropriate layers of protection.

Download our Cyber Security Capabilities Brochure

A comprehensive guide to our entire
Cyber Security eco-system.

Cyber Security is real challenge for organisations at all levels, across all sectors, with new threats emerging on a regular basis, putting a considerable strain on internal IT teams. We have designed our Cyber Security eco-system with this in mind, providing your team with the tools and support they need to keep your data protected at all times, freeing you to focus on your core business. Our Security Brochure provides a comprehensive overview of each element of this eco-system – all the information you need make an informed choice about which solutions are right for your teams, your data and your customers.

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