Exponential-e integrates CTERA enterprise file services platform to better serve customers on their Cloud journey, in sectors in which security is business-critical, such as financial services, healthcare and government organisations.

Exponential-e, the British Cloud, Network, and Unified Communications provider, and CTERA Networks, the global leader in secure edge-to-cloud file services with more than 50,000 enterprise locations deployed worldwide, today announced their partnership to provide secure enterprise file services. Focusing on unified data management, modern content collaboration, and continuous data protection for distributed organizations, the partnership opens new opportunities for British and global organizations to embark on their Cloud transformation without compromising performance or security.

A toolbox for digital transformation, the company’s SD-DP technology evolved over 10 years, giving customers choice and control over their data

Exponential‐e, the British Cloud, Network, and Unified Communications provider, has today announced the latest phase of its Software Defined Digital Platform (SD-DP) -- an integrated platform designed to underpin any organisation’s digital transformation. The SD-DP is comprised of core and edge computing, bonded with SD-WAN, SD-Data Centre to form a robust, underlying advanced network that enables data to flow freely yet securely between multiple clouds. Combined with multi-various tools and services, these components form an intelligent, agile, safe, and cost-effective digital transformation stack for all modern organisations.

Accreditation comes for its Smartwires, WAN, VPLS, Internet and HSCN services -- one of only a few companies in the UK to achieve CAS(T) for HSCN

Exponential-e, the British Cloud, Network and Unified Communication provider, today announced that it’s achieved the CAS(T) UK Government standard for telecoms providers -- certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) -- for its Smartwires, WAN, VPLS, Internet and HSCN services. Through CAS(T) accreditation, Exponential-e provides assurance to public sector customers -- including healthcare providers, police, and the Ministry of Defence -- that their systems and services are substantially protected against cyber risks.

The Ritz London is now the first hotel in the UK to fully utilise a 10GB internet connection

Exponential‐e, the British cloud, network, and unified communication provider, has today announced the successful installation of a 10GB fibre circuit into The Ritz London, one of the world’s most prestigious hotels. The implementation positions The Ritz as the only hotel in the UK to be able to offer guests and staff the resilience and speed of a 10GB service delivered over Exponential‐e’s 10GigE service, which was launched in 2017.

Exponential-e becomes a Network Guardian for flagship brand with deployment of new networking infrastructure to underpin digital transformation

Exponential‐e, the British cloud and network provider, has today announced that it has secured a strategic partnership with Virgin Atlantic. Exponential-e will deliver and manage the airline’s infrastructure network across business critical locations around the world, thereby becoming one of Virgin Atlantic’s Network Guardians.

World authority on record-breaking selects Exponential-e to migrate 200 staff into the cloud

Exponential-e, the cloud and network provider, has today announced that is has successfully migrated 200 Guinness World Records staff to Microsoft Office 365. The move to the cloud will support Guinness World Records staff in their six international offices, as well as remote workers in over 15 locations, to collaborate to deliver engaging experiences and capitalise on market opportunities around the world.

Companies can now manage a multi-cloud environment via one interface

Exponential-e, the Cloud and Network provider, has today announced its Cloud Management Platform (CMP). Exponential-e’s CMP places the cloud at the heart of corporate digital transformation projects. Companies are able to unify multi-cloud environments by viewing and managing the performance of their cloud services through one interface.