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Exponential-e – the leading provider of Cloud, connectivity and communications solutions – recently announced the launch of its SD-HOME solution, designed to support organisations and their home workers by maintaining corporate network security while maximising the performance and availability of business-critical applications.
Nokia Deepfield helps Exponential-e to cost-effectively scale while ensuring optimal customer experienceOptimized use of network resources with real-time troubleshootingImproved network security through next-generation DDoS detection with Nokia Deepfield
It's been a few weeks since our last update, so we would like to share with you the latest on the current COVID-19 situation and how this may impact our customers.
The UK has found itself in an unprecedented situation over the last few weeks with COVID-19 forcing people and businesses into near enough lockdown, and the number of employees needing to work from home is continuing to skyrocket.
​ As the situation across the UK continues to develop following the additional "stay at home" measures announced yesterday, we would like to share with you the latest updates and how these may impact you.
Following on from our update on Tuesday, we wanted to share with you the latest updates and how these may impact you.We can confirm that Exponential-e's main support functions continue to operate business as usual; our teams are ready to support you with any advice, guidance, support or changes you may require in this current situation.
In light of the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, we wanted to provide our customers with an update on Exponential-e's current position and how we are using our well-established business continuity management systems to protect our staff whilst continuing to run our operations. Our ongoing priority is to minimise any risk to our customer's services whilst we all navigate these challenging times together.
Natilik is delighted to announce it is extending its relationship with Barratt Developments with a five-year Wide Area Network contract, built on Cisco's industry leading Software Defined Wide Area Network technology.
​ The acquisition will combine Exponential-e's innovative connectivity, cloud and security portfolio with Vysiion's significant sector expertise and relationships
Organisations partner to deliver enhanced connectivity and seamless services for Europe's leading hospitality venues.Exponential-e has partnered with at‐visions, the specialist global provider of Guest‐Facing Technology for the hospitality and leisure industry, to form the one‐stop shop for all hospitality technology requirements under a single, fully managed, service umbrella.

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